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Whether you’re driving to work or jetting off for the evening – music in the car lifts your spirits. But to get your favorite music deep into your ears, you need good car speakers. Tests show that there is a seemingly endless choice of car speakers gives.

Read our buying guide to find out what makes a good car speaker. Among other things, the installation depth and the diameter are crucial. In our guide you will also find information about the sound quality and about the performance of music speakers for your car.

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Sony XS-FB1330


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Buying guide: how to find the right product in our car speaker comparison 2022

  • Car speakers with the appropriate properties provide a rich sound. the music from the car radio is played either through a 2-way system or a 3-way system.
  • The respective performance or. The power handling RMS given in watt. in the case of car speakers, a distinction is also made between average power and maximum power.
  • In addition to these characteristics, the sound pressure level in db and the impedance in ohm also play a role. When installing the car speakers, also pay attention to the product dimensions.

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If you enjoy listening to music in your car and to them sound quality does matter, do you need good car speakers. If you want to buy suitable car speakers for your vehicle, you will be faced with a large product selection.

When buying car speakers, however, there are some important things to consider. Read our car speaker comparison 2021 / 2022 on BILD.Find out more in our guide everything you need to know about car speakers.

In our guide, we present the most important buying criteria and help you find the best car speakers for your car.

1. How to get the best sound experience from car speakers?

Just as there are many different cars, you can also buy different car speakers. When buying new car speakers, however, you must pay attention to the following points, that they also fit in your car.

The dimensions of the product play a major role here. Car speakers are therefore available to buy in different sizes. The diameter is given in cm and the installation depth in mm. in the car accessories stores you will find many offers around the different car speakers.

The most common car speakers have a diameter of approx. 16 cm. you can also buy smaller car speakers with a diameter of 13 cm or 10 cm.

the installation depth depends on how flat or thick the car speakers are.

According to car speaker tests, the installation depth of car speakers can vary between 35 and 85 mm.

2. Buying advice: how to find the right car speaker set?

car speaker car radio

for more bass, you can also integrate a subwoofer into your sound system.

Whether you buy car speakers with 10 cm or car speakers with 13 cm diameter, the important thing is that the car speaker set matches your vehicle.

Therefore, according to car loudspeaker tests, you should also consider always take a look at the car speaker size table. Which further points you should consider, we explain to you in the following on PICTURE.De. Car speakers are also made of different materials.

But for a good sound, not only the housing is important, but also the material of the diaphragm. Therefore, always pay attention to the speakers of your car to a good workmanship.

car speakers from bose or car speakers from JBL offer you, besides a high wattage high quality also at the same time appealing design.

Besides a built-in car speakers for the car you also get surface-mounted car speakers, which you can use, for example, in mobile homes or at home.

with a suitable car speaker cable you can connect most models without any problems. However, if you are looking for car speakers with good bass, you should go for an extra bass speaker.

Tip: for even more car hifi it is also a good idea to place a subwoofer in the car. The subwoofer amplifies mainly the low tones and thus ensures proper bass in the box.

3. The best car speaker: which product is powerful and sounds good??

If you want to exclude a distorted sound, according to car speaker tests, you should look out for renowned car speakers grab one from pioneer, kenwood or JVC.

Most of these speakers are available in various sizes, such as car speakers with 165 mm. What you should pay attention to in addition to the criteria for the installation of the car speakers, you can read with us on BILD.De

3.1. Choose the right system

car speaker power

3-way speakers have three sound sources and thus provide a more balanced distribution of frequencies.

car speakers there are mostly in two versions to buy: either you can 2-way car speakers or 3-way car speakers acquire.

To give you an idea of what this is all about, we will first explain the difference: 2-way car speaker have above all a tweeter as well as a woofer and midrange driver.

The tweeter is responsible for the high frequencies in a range from 1500 to 3000 Hz. Sounds that lie below this hertz range are correspondingly reproduced by a low-frequency or. midrange speaker reproduces.

2-way loudspeakers for the car thus provide a particularly clear sound, but less for a good bass.

3-way car speakers however function with overall three sound sources. with one tweeter, one midrange and one woofer.

This is how the individual frequencies are better distributed and every single speaker has its own hertz range. This will additionally optimize the sound quality and produce good bass.

3.2. Consider the actual power

car speaker audio

when looking for car speakers, keep in mind that a high wattage does not always mean a powerful performance.

Whether a car speaker from bose or another brand, the power of the individual devices is usually in wattage.

However, according to car speaker tests, you should not necessarily assume a high wattage at the same time a strong performance. The power stated by the manufacturer is usually the so-called load capacity-peak.

This means that the value indicates the power that the device is actually capable of for a short moment. However, if you are looking for sustained good performance from your car speakers, you should look at the average power that the device is capable of delivering.

power handling-RMS is also called nominal power and describes an average, that the device can provide permanently and without damage when operated properly. You can therefore rely more on this information when selecting car speakers.

3.3. Consider the sound pressure level and impedance

The sound pressure level is measured in db and indicates how strong a sound really is. The intensity of a sound is perceived differently by people.

Too high sound pressure levels can cause earaches and other things like stress and heart palpitations. A normal conversation, for example, is around 60 db, the noise of a vacuum cleaner, for example, around 70 db.

The sound pressure level of car speakers is usually even just above 90 db. The impedance is given in ohm and describes the apparent resistance. This means that the electrical resistance in the current is set in relation to the current strength.

This information is especially important when amplifiers come into play. It is essential, that loudspeaker and amplifier are tuned to each other.

If the impedance of an amplifier is higher than the impedance of a loudspeaker, the amplifier might burn out in the end.

4. Car speaker tests show: there is a wide choice at all prices?

in addition to a car speaker from a renowned brand, you can also buy a cheap car speaker from aldi on offer.

Our table on PICTURE.De shows you, which car speakers are still available:

  • Concentric loudspeaker
  • Offers high frequency spectrum
  • All sounds from the middle
  • Individual speakers for different frequency ranges
  • Provides high-quality sound experience
  • Arrangement of the speakers freely selectable

There are also bluetooth car speakers for sale. Read about their advantages and disadvantages here:


  • Suitable as a hands-free system
  • Can also be used as a music player
  • Linking with PC, smartphone etc. Possible

  • No real car speaker with separate bass

5. Is there a stiftung warentest car speaker test winner??

Up to now no car speaker test by stiftung warentest known. In our comparison table on PICTURE.De find, however, among other things, some car speakers with 165 mm. Maybe your preferred model is already there.

6. What are the most popular manufacturers and brands of car speakers?

What does audio mean?

Audio is latin and means listening. The word is used, however, in the entire technical area around listening.

Whether you are looking for a car speaker with 10 cm, a car speaker with 13 cm or with another diameter, a special car speaker with 4x different boxes or as a set, you will surely find the right speaker for your car at well-known manufacturers:

  • Rainbow
  • Hertz
  • Eton
  • Hifonics
  • JBL
  • Pioneer
  • Sony
  • Visaton

7. Is there FAQ on the subject of car speakers?

7.1. How to measure a car speaker?

If you want to install a car speaker, measure the entire basket diameter. check with your local dealer to find the right speaker for your car.

7.2. How to install a loudspeaker in a car?

Installation or assembly of car speakers are usually not complicated. Remove the old speakers from the bracket and fix the distance ring on the car.

Then connect all the cables and screw the cover back on at the end.

JBL stage2 604C
JBL Stage2 604C
currently available from 66,29 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
sound pressure level ++
impedance 4 ohm
is the car speaker JBL stage2 604C easy to install? According to buyers’ experiences, the car speaker from JBL is very easy to install, but you need an adapter cable for installation.
Eton POW 160.2
Eton POW 160.2
currently available from 189,00 €
» go to amazon offer" to the ebay offer
sound pressure level ++
impedance 3 ohm
there are for the mid- and woofers from the eton POW 160.2 speaker system covers? The eton POW 160.2 sound systems from our car speaker comparison reach customers without covers for midrange and woofers. However, these are available as accessories.
currently available from 96,90 €
» to the amazon offer" to the ebay offer
sound pressure level ++
impedance 3 ohm
what are the reviews from customers on the JBL GTO629? These JBL GTO629 speakers have been positively reviewed by other buyers for their good workmanship and powerful sound.

The car speaker comparison provides an overview of the entire range of manufacturers in the car speaker category?

In our car speaker comparison, we attach great importance to providing an overview of the entire range of offers in the field of car speakers. That’s why you can find car speakers from 8 different manufacturers in our shop. More information"

What is the most expensive car speaker, which is considered in the comparison?

The most expensive car speaker in our comparison costs about. 18 euro and offers convincing product characteristics. If you value high quality, you should also take a look at our comparative winner, the sony XS-FB1330, for about. Throw 31 euros. More information"

Which car speaker from the product comparison has so far prompted the most customers to write a review?

the sony XS-FB1330 is the car speaker in the product comparison that prompted the most customers to leave a review: the total of ca. 3.100 customer testimonials can help you get a differentiated view of the product. More information"

How often could the editors give the top rating "VERY GOOD"? awarded to a car speaker from the product comparison?

According to the strict criteria of our editorial team, the top mark "VERY GOOD" could be achieved to be awarded not only once, but 12 times. These 12 car speakers have earned the top rating: sony XS-FB1330 , JBL GTO629 , JBL GX600C , JBL GX602 , JVC CS-J420X , pioneer TS-G1730F , renegade RX6.2 oval , pioneer 0810516 TS-G1720F , JBL stage2 624 , eton POW 160.2 , JBL stage2 604C and pioneer TS-G1010F . More information"

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