Car seat covers: test& recommendations (01/22)

Welcome to our big car seat covers test 2022. Here we present you all the car seat covers we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews on the net.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best car seat cover for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, on this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to when buying car seat covers.

The most important in short

  • Car seat covers offer the perfect protection for car seats. So no dirt gets on the car seat and you don’t have to clean anything when you sell the car.
  • The material plays a very important role in car seats, because the properties depend on it.
  • There are customized and universal car seat covers. Normally universal seat covers are sufficient. These are also available for small sums to buy.

Car seat covers test: favorites of the editors

The best allround car seat cover

This car seat cover protects your seat from dirt, scratches and liquids. It is perfect for pets as well as for normal people. Due to its easy installation you have it in place in seconds. It also fits on every back seat of every car.

It is made of 100% polyester and is very easy to clean, because you only have to wipe it briefly. It also weighs very little, which makes it even easier to handle.

The best textile car seat cover

With this car seat cover you have the perfect comfort, because of its anti-slip "shark-skin" back it can not slip. It is also made of neoprene and therefore also waterproof.

you can install the seat very quickly and easily, so you don’t need a lot of instructions. In addition, it fits through its simple design in any interior.

The best car seat cover fur

This TuV approved lambskin car seat cover keeps you warm in winter and dry in summer. Due to its universal fit it fits in almost every car – and therefore also in yours.

Besides, this seat cover offers a very good hold, because you have to mount it with a zipper system.

The best leather car seat cover

This PU leather car seat cover provides a very comfortable seat and a personalized design. Due to the rubber anti-slip design, it also can not slip.

Of course, this seat cover also keeps your car clean and protects the seat from dirt, scratches or liquids. The luxurious appearance gives your interior a more valuable look.

The best car seat cover with integrated heater

This heated seat cover with two heating levels will keep you warm all winter long. Due to the built-in overheating protection nothing dangerous can happen. Thus, the theme of safety is written very large. In addition, an on / off switch increases the comfort.

Due to its universal appearance it fits in every car and is attached to the backrest by longitudinal straps. This means that the cover never sits loose and ensures perfect comfort.

Also interesting

Guide: questions you should ask yourself before buying car seat covers

Are car seat covers worth it?

Car seat covers: test& recommendations (01/22)

Car seat covers keep your car seat clean – so far clear! But what about the cleaning of these covers?? Worth the purchase ? We say yes! Especially if you often have many people in the car, car seat covers are worthwhile. Because the covers are much easier to clean than a car seat.

Car seat covers keep your seats clean

Besides, a professional car seat cleaning can be very expensive. But what does a professional cleaning of this kind cost?? In the following table you get a small overview of the respective costs.

Type cost of cleaning
upholstered seats ca. 10 € / seat
leather seats ca. 15 € / seat + 50€ leather sealant

You can see for yourself that a professional cleaning can quickly become expensive. So for such a cleaning for your car you have to pay at least 50 €. So car seat covers are worth it in any case, since there are already for less money certain "sets" that fit your car.

How much do car seat covers cost?

Of course, the rule also applies here: quality has its price. You can buy usable seat covers made of textiles – for example polyester – for about 15 €. The price for the (synthetic) leather variants starts at approx. (20 €) 40 €.

Type price range
textile seat cover about. 10 – 50 € / seat
fur seat cover about. 35 – 140 € / seat
leather seat cover ca. 20 – more than 600 € / seat
seat cover with integrated heater ca. 25 – 150 € / seat

Seat covers made of fur – for example lambskin – you can get from approx. 35 € / per seat. Perfect for the winter there are also covers with integrated heater. You can buy a cover for one seat for approx. buy for 25 €.

Where to buy car seat covers?

According to our research, these online stores sell the most car seat covers:

  • Ebay.De
  • Amazon.De
  • Seat covers24.Com
  • Walser-shop.Com
  • Otto.De

All the car seat covers that we present on our site have a link to at least one of these stores. If you have found a cover that you like, you can immediately strike.

What types of car seat covers are there?

Custom made seat covers are usually more expensive than the universal models. This is because they are made individually for your car. Moreover, you can customize the car seat cover to your liking. So all worlds are open to you in terms of color and design.

Car seat covers: test& recommendations (01/22)

The universal seat covers are – as mentioned – mass produced. That means they are made for the average car seat to fit as many as possible. We advise you to test a universal cover first, because if it fits, you will save a lot of money.

Decision: what types of car seat covers are there and which one is right for you ?

If you want to buy a car seat cover, there are four alternatives to choose from:

  • Leather car seat covers
  • Car seat covers made of fur
  • Textile car seat covers
  • Car seat covers with integrated heater

It is especially important that the seat cover fits your everyday life. Because there are many different criteria that play a role. In the following we compare the four types and help you decide which one is best for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather car seat covers??

Leather stands above all for quality and luxury. When you buy a leather seat cover, it adds value to your car and makes the interior look more luxurious. However, you must take care of the leather so that you can use the cover for a long time.

A big plus for a leather seat cover is that you can clean small things very easily. As soon as you see an unwanted spot, you usually only have to wipe it once and everything is clean again.

The better the quality, the longer the leather will last.

Leather is a robust material, which is characterized by its durability. You can prolong the longevity of the seat cover by taking good care of it. In order to keep the shine of the leather, you should always handle it gently. This means that you should avoid roughening the leather.

  • High durability
  • Luxurious design
  • Robust material
  • Higher price
  • Elaborate care

If you want to take the best care of the leather, use a specific care milk or leather balm. So you give damage or tears almost no chance more. The care is a very important point that you should include in the purchase decision.

What distinguishes car seat covers made of fur and what are the advantages and disadvantages??

The most commonly used fur for car seat covers is the lambskin. This material is more comfortable and fluffy than the others. It therefore offers a very good comfort. In case of certain allergies these seat covers are of course not for you.

With real skins you are most comfortable. They are soft and fit very well to the body. Of course, there are also different colors, so that the car seat cover fits perfectly to your interior.

  • High comfort
  • Has a temperature compensating effect
  • Different colors
  • Attention for allergies
  • Time-consuming cleaning
  • Not waterproof

The big advantage of real skins is that they have a temperature regulating effect. It means that you will still be warm in winter. In the summer, they act as a kind of air conditioning and keep dry. So you sweat less while driving.

Unfortunately, you have to be very careful when cleaning. We recommend that you wash it alone in the washing machine. make sure that you wash the fur in gentle cycle at maximum 30 degrees celsius. The best thing is to use a special detergent for fur.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of textile car seat covers??

Most car seat covers of this type are made of polyester. The more expensive models are made of cotton or other materials such as nylon. Seat covers made of textiles are usually the cheapest, but still offer sufficient comfort.

The big plus is the price. Car seat covers of this type are available for a small price. In addition, there are also waterproof variants, so that the car seat can be protected even better.

  • Mostly very cheap
  • Fulfill their purpose
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mostly not waterproof
  • Quickly broken

If you are a person who just needs something to keep the car seats clean in everyday life, we advise you to use textile car seat covers. They fulfill their purpose and are also very easy to install, due to their light weight.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of car seat covers with integrated heating??

Car seat covers with integrated seat heating are already available for little money. They are mostly made of a certain fabric, where a heating surface is built in. So you always have it nice and warm in winter. In addition, many of these seat covers offer even more functions.

The cheaper models usually have only one heating surface that warms you up in winter. You can regulate the heat and adjust it to your individual sensation of warmth. Most heated seat covers have an overheating protection, so that nothing dangerous can happen.

If you want to spend a little more money, there are seat covers with even more functions. In addition to a heating function, there are models with a cooling, massage and ventilation function. These are of course more expensive and consume more electricity.

  • Warms the body
  • Adjustable heat
  • Mostly even more functions
  • Difficult cleaning
  • Be careful with liquids

The big disadvantage is the cleaning. You must first remove all electronic devices. Only then can you clean the cover. Make sure that it is completely dry when you use the seat cover again.

Another disadvantage is that some models are not waterproof. One time not paying attention while drinking and the car seat cover is already broken. Unfortunately, this happens faster than you think. Make sure that you buy a waterproof seat cover so that all electronic functions work properly.

Buying criteria: these are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate car seat covers

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can choose from among the many possible car seat covers.

The criteria that you can use to compare different car seat covers include:

  • Convenience and comfort
  • Material
  • Design
  • Washing machine resistance

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important for each of the criteria. In the end, you can personally decide what is most important for yourself.

Convenience and comfort

Probably the most important criteria for a seat cover are comfort and convenience. If you are sitting on something uncomfortable in the car, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Of course you don’t want that.

Make sure that you can exchange the seat cover if you don’t like it.

A seat cover is more comfortable the better it fits the car seat. This is why custom-made seat covers usually offer better comfort than universal versions. In addition, nothing slips with a customized car seat cover.

Of course, the comfort also depends on the material. A seat cover made of real fur, for example, has a very good comfort. This is because fur is very soft and fluffy.


Another important point for the purchase decision is the design. The upholstery must also look good on the outside, otherwise you won’t be happy. In this day and age there are many different designs, so you have a wide choice in this respect.

Car seat covers: test& recommendations (01/22)

Of course, there are very simple designs, which are usually only one – or two colors. Especially universal car seat covers are usually kept simple, so that they fit almost all interiors of a car. However, there are also many seat covers with certain motifs on them.

You can also customize your car seat cover. This is usually associated with higher costs. Therefore, look for your desired motif first before you have to have it custom made.

Quantity/ price

First of all, you must be aware that high quality seat covers come at a price. Due to the better quality, there are of course more advantages compared to cheaper car seat covers. Especially in the area of sustainability, more expensive seat covers are usually a priority.

Also, you can usually buy your seat cover for your whole car as a whole "set". It includes all the covers you need for all your car seats, and you can usually save more than you thought.

Washing machine resistant

If you are a person who needs to wash your seat cover very often, make sure it is machine washable. If you live very clean and rarely have to clean the car seat cover, it does not have to be machine washable.

Washing by hand is more time consuming, but works just as well as cleaning car upholstery or simply using a car vacuum cleaner.

Nothing is more annoying than a huge stain on the seat cover. Since this happens more often than you think, we advise you to always buy a seat cover that you can put in the washing machine. This will save you a lot of time.

Trivia: interesting facts about car seat covers

How to install car seat covers ?

If you buy a car seat cover and do not manage to install it, there is always a description in the package to help you with the installation. If you need any more help, here’s a video for you to check out.

Most car seat covers are very easy to install. Most often, you just need to pull the cover over the car seat. Sometimes a little corrective pulling and you have it. Make sure to remove the headrest beforehand.

How to repair car seat covers?

The repair of a car seat cover also depends on the material of course. For example, a leather seat cover is much more difficult to repair than a textile seat cover. In general, you should have this done by a professional, so that nothing else gets broken.

However, if you only want to patch a hole, don’t care much about looks and have a textile cover, there is still a way to repair the cover. Just use thread and a needle to sew up the hole. It is very fast and does not cost much.

How to clean car seat covers?

In general, hand washing is preferable to washing in a washing machine. Nevertheless, there are variants that are machine washable and thus make the cleaning much easier.

Cleaning is also very dependent on the material. For example, a fur car seat cover should only be placed alone in the washing machine and washed at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius.

If you have a very high quality seat cover, you should rather go to the nearest laundromat. There you are on the safe side and nothing is broken.

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