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Car loan comparison – full speed ahead to a favorable car loan

Share of financed passenger cars from 2012 to 2016 - As the data from the GfK market studies on consumption and vehicle financing 2012 to 2017 show, the share of passenger cars purchased by financing increased from 36% to 38% between 2012 and 2017. In particular, the share of financed new cars increased significantly. In 2012, this was still at 39%, in 2016 it was 46%

you are considering taking out a car loan to finance a new car or a used car? Good decision.

Today, a car loan is used to finance almost every second new car, and the trend for used car financing is also on the rise. Since the vehicle title can be used as collateral, the hurdle to a positive credit decision is relatively low.

But what is the best way to finance a motor vehicle? Claiming a zero-percent car dealer loan or low-cost online car financing? Where the cost traps lurk? How to take advantage of potential savings? Which bank to apply to?

Here you can find answers to your questions and compare favorable car loan providers.

We show you why the price advantage of a 0% dealer loan is often just an illusion; what the difference is between three-way financing and a normal installment loan and how you can find a cheap car loan using our comparison tool.

Comparison of car loan and dealer financing

Online credit for car or credit from car dealer?

If you want to buy a vehicle, you will often be offered favorable financing directly from the dealer. Dealers like to advertise so-called 0% offers.

As a consumer, you should take a closer look here. Even if the interest rates are supposedly lower, this type of financing is often not the best option for the customer.

Why this is so becomes clear when you consider that cash discounts of 10-20% on the vehicle price can often be negotiated with used car dealers and also with new car dealers when buying a vehicle.

If a payment is obtained through financing independent of the dealer, the savings from the discount for cash payers usually outweigh the more favorable financing interest rates at the dealer. This also applies to offers with so-called 0% financing.

Whether used car financing or new car financing. Those who finance the vehicle through a low-cost auto loan can often negotiate a discount with the dealer. This strategy is often more efficient than zero percent financing from the dealership

Car loan calculator

Here you can find out in just a few steps whether car financing through the dealer or an online car loan for the purchase of a car with a cash discount is the better economic solution for you. In our car loan calculator you can calculate the car financing.

Car financing vs credit through dealer – calculate cost advantage

Basic data

Bank loan and cash payment

dealer financing

Down payment in euro


How does the calculator work?

1 enter the purchase price of the vehicle and the term for the financing as cornerstones in the "basic data" section.

2 for "dealer financing", adjust the APR and down payment offered by the dealer.

3 at "bank loan and cash payment" you can test different combinations for car loan interest and cash payment discount.

All information and calculations without guarantee.

Apply for a cheap car loan – how does it work?

To the car loan in 4 steps

You have chosen a bank loan to pay cash for the car and have negotiated a lucrative cash discount with the car dealer? Wonderful, then use our comparison to compare car loan banks.

Step 1 – Start a car loan comparison

To get to the car loan offers, simply select the loan amount and term in our comparison calculator and start the comparison.

1. choose loan amount
2. Select term
3. Click on "to your credit comparison

Step 2 – compare offers

In the results table you will find providers, sorted by the minimum monthly rate. The comparison can be repeated as often as desired with a different combination of term and loan amount.

1. Compare offers, if necessary. Try other terms
2. choose bank(s) with suitable conditions

Step 3 – make an inquiry with the bank

Once you have found your favorite, you can submit a free, no-obligation conditions inquiry.

Buy a car with credit

Step 4 – apply for a loan

After the bank sends the contract documents, you send the required documents by mail or digitally and submit the loan application. After successful approval, the money is in your account in the short term.

On the straight

After the loan has been paid out, you pay for the vehicle in cash and send the vehicle title to the bank (if this is part of the contract).

Tips for a favorable car loan

Car loan comparison

Use comparison cleverly

Different combinations of terms and loan amounts lead to different results. It is worthwhile to try different variants and compare the results.

Lower monthly installments can be achieved through higher maturities. But it should be noted that this increases the share of the credit costs and often less attractive interest rates are offered for car financing with a long term.

Car loans should be preferred over loans without a specific purpose. With the earmarked loan, the vehicle title serves as collateral. Thus, in most cases, more favorable conditions are possible.

consider 2/3 interest rate

The 2/3 interest rate is a legal requirement for banks. This value indicates the conditions under which two-thirds of the customers obtain a loan from the bank. For this reason, the 2/3 interest rate is particularly suitable for people with a medium to low credit rating when assessing the market situation.

Obtain individual financing offers

The individual interest rates offered by the bank may differ from the ideal interest rate in individual cases. If you are smart, you will make several inquiries and compare individual offers from different banks.

Have all documents ready

One of the most common reasons for a delay is incomplete documents. In order to speed up the approval process, you should have all the necessary documents at hand.

Include specifications for car insurance

In some cases, the lender may stipulate the vehicle insurance required. The corresponding costs should be calculated before deciding on a provider.

Credit neutral request

If, after using our car loan comparison, a request for conditions is made to a bank, the bank will transmit the feature "request for credit conditions" to the SCHUFA. The feature "inquiry credit conditions" is neutral and does NOT reduce creditworthiness. It is stored for 12 months and is NOT visible to other banks.

Inquiring about the conditions with several providers does not have a negative impact on the SCHUFA score.

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