Car loan comparison

In addition to car financing through the vehicle dealer or. -manufacturers, who usually operate their own financing institution or have framework agreements with independent banks, a car loan via the comparison calculator opens up lucrative possibilities. Not only can the conditions be significantly more favorable, but attractive discounts can also be realized in the price negotiations. There is one principle you should always bear in mind: even zero-percent financing, which is often advertised as such, incurs costs that are added elsewhere. no bank lends its capital without charging fees for it.

Car loan comparison provides orientation

Our loan comparison can quickly give you a first overview of the current conditions for your car loan, only a few steps are necessary. Enter the

  • Desired loan amount,
  • The use and
  • The term a,

You can already see a list of all possible providers with their different interest rates. Please note that some banks offer fixed interest rates that apply regardless of the quality of your credit rating. Others offer variable interest rates in the form of a spread, as the final interest rate is fixed only after review of your documents and submitted to you as a binding offer. For your orientation, you will find a sample calculation in each case, which may well differ from the interest rate level offered to you. The comparison for a car loan can therefore only provide an initial overview at this point, which can still be refined on the basis of your personal documents.

Make a smart choice and request a binding offer

car loan

With lots of interesting information, for example about the provider itself, but also about the details in the contract or the documents to be submitted, the loan comparison offers a solid basis for decision-making. Simply select a provider and click the "continue" button to access the online form where you can enter all the relevant information for the credit check. A decision is made on the basis of this data, which you receive in the form of a binding offer. If all the information is available, this check only takes a very short time so that you can quickly purchase your new vehicle. Of course, the respective bank needs various documents that plausibly prove your income situation. These include, for example, copies of salary and wage statements, but also a list of all regular expenses.

SCHUFA information is obligatory – take precautions in good time

Schufa information for car loans

For a car loan, the SCHUFA or a similar credit agency is also asked whether there are any negative entries about your person. These protection associations collect data on payment behavior, account relationships and credit liabilities in order to minimize the risk of default on payments. The information is supplied by the banks, service providers and trading houses themselves and is then also available to the inquirer as a scoring value, into which various details are incorporated with different weightings. To prevent problems, you can request a free self-assessment from SCHUFA once a year. If data is accidentally mixed up or entries are not deleted in time, you can have a direct influence and have the errors corrected. For the german credit industry, such a query is mandatory, so a corresponding declaration of consent is required from you.

Residual debt insurance – useful or not?

residual debt insurance

you should consider this question carefully: if you have made sufficient provision for the event of occupational disability or premature death so that all loan liabilities can be met, you do not need this additional security on principle. Some providers extend the insurance cover to include unemployment through no fault of your own, in which case you should take a close look at the insurance conditions. If, however, you have problems acquiring adequate insurance cover on the independent insurance market because, for example, you already have serious pre-existing conditions, you could benefit from residual debt insurance: there is no health check here. In any case, make sure that you have made sufficient provisions to be able to repay the car loan. When making your decision, please note that some banks will be more accommodating, even in difficult financial situations, if you can provide such insurance.

There are basically two types of car financing:

  • The earmarked and
  • The freely available.

Earmarked car loan

The earmarked variant can be somewhat more favorable in terms of interest rates, since the car title remains in the possession of the bank as collateral. You will therefore only be issued the permit in order to be able to identify yourself as an authorized keeper. The bank, on the other hand, can dispose of the vehicle in the event of an emergency. If you were to default on your payments for any reason, the bank would be free to repossess the vehicle and sell it in order to repay the outstanding installments of the car loan that would then have been cancelled. If an amount remains unpaid, the bank will claim it from you.

Alternatively, a freely available installment credit is a good way to act as a cash payer at the car dealership. In this way, considerable discounts can be obtained from the dealer, especially for new vehicles, so that an accurate calculation of the financing costs makes sense in the final analysis. So get two quotes:

  1. With a classic car loan and
  2. As a cash payer.

The total financing amount is again of interest on the offer for the classic car loan, because it provides a reliable basis for comparison. At the same time, research a financing offer for the purchase price reduced by the discount in the credit comparison and use the total financing amount shown there for a decision. If you have a very good credit rating, you can take advantage of the variable interest rate offers; otherwise, the fixed interest rate offers are the best choice. The most important criterion, however, is that you are given the vehicle title in this case, because in this way you can dispose of a sale or other changes at any time without having to ask the financing bank every time. Experience shows that even with a discount of more than ten percent, the cash payment option turns out to be more lucrative; of course, the credit conditions that can currently be achieved are always the deciding factor.

Additional security through land charge

In principle, in the case of classic car financing, i.e. if the vehicle title remains with the bank, the vehicle itself is regarded as collateral. In addition, each bank checks the creditworthiness and liquidity of the borrower in order to ensure that the loan installments can be paid. If your own creditworthiness is not sufficient to get a car loan approved, additional collateral can be an important argument. Especially for the freely available loan variant, for example, a second borrower can influence the conditions favorably. However, you should always discuss all the consequences with the person in question. Alternatively, a residual debt insurance can be considered, as the financing banks have the security that all outstanding installments will be paid even in the event of a long-term illness or the premature death of the borrower. However, if there is sufficient private security, this security is superfluous and too expensive. Here, too, only a detailed comparison of the options will help you to make the best possible decision.

A car loan can be earmarked for a specific purpose, for which the financing bank retains the vehicle title as security. This is common practice with dealer financing, for example, which opens up the possibility of being able to sell the vehicle in one’s own interest in the event of a loan default. You will also find classic car loans in the loan comparison, which only provide the loan amount for the purchase of the vehicle and choose this form of collateralization. However, you should also consider the alternative of being able to act as a cash payer at the car dealer with a freely available loan. The discounts to be negotiated can in many cases compensate for the usually somewhat higher interest rates. In this way, you can decide flexibly on the term, the monthly installment or even an early redemption, without having to clarify this with the financing bank. Most classic car loans run for a maximum of four years anyway and would then have to be extended if necessary. In the case of an installment loan, you can choose a term of up to seven years, which drastically reduces the monthly charge. Simply compare the calculations in the credit comparison and modify the key data until a solution that is acceptable to you has been determined.

Credit documents

Regardless of the option you choose for the car loan, you will need the usual documents for financing, which provide the bank with an overview of your income:

  • Income documents, such as salary and wage statements, pension statements o. a.,
  • Completed self-disclosure with all regular expenses, such as rent, insurance or other liabilities,
  • A copy of your identity card,
  • Consent to obtain information from SCHUFA or a similar credit agency, and
  • Possibly the vehicle title.

For self-employed persons and freelancers, far more documents must be submitted in order to impressively demonstrate the economic situation:

  • Tax assessment notices for the last three years
  • Business evaluations and balance sheets
  • Resilient forecast for the future development of income

The risk is much higher for the bank, if the income can not be generated safely. The more plausible you can show that the probability of default is low or can be covered by other collateral, the smoother the credit check will be.

Alt="die schufa" width="300" height="89" />As with any other form of financing, you should not have any negative entries in SCHUFA or similar credit agencies, such as cancelled loans or credit cards, multiple dunning procedures or other payment defaults. In addition, the income must exceed the regular expenses to such an extent that the repayment of the monthly installments is ensured at all. Banks usually apply a flat rate per person for living expenses, so that you can easily show the available liquidity with a comprehensible budget calculation. If these requirements are met, there should be no obstacles to obtaining a loan for your new vehicle.

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