Car garage: test& recommendations (01/22)

Welcome to our large car garage test 2022. Here we present you all the car garages we tested in detail. We have provided you with detailed background information and a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best car garage for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guidebook. If available, we also offer you interesting test – videos. Furthermore, on this page you will also find some important information that you should definitely pay attention to when you want to buy a car garage.

The most important in short

  • The car garages protect your car from UV radiation, rust and dirt deposits.
  • Car garages allow you to protect your car and benefit from the sale of a garage vehicle.
  • For the use in different places, where the driver must be mobile, the mobile car garages are particularly suitable.

Car garage test: editors’ favorites

The best car garage

This favoto full garage is excellent for all weather conditions, both winter and summer. The garage is waterproof, dustproof and has hail protection. It is also dirt resistant, so things like mud, leaves or bird droppings will not harm your car.

The car garage is available for hatchbacks, medium and large SUVs and sedans. These designs are then in universal sizes. After use, the cover can be stored in the supplied bag to save space. Customers praised the good price-performance ratio.

The best car garage tent

The TOOLPORT car garage is a sturdy steel tube construction and offers a small home for your car. It protects from wind and weather and is spacious. The garage is 100% UV resistant and made of high quality PE material. The instructions are easy to understand and everything you need to assemble is included.

Buyers are impressed by the quality and stability of the housing and according to the manufacturer, the garage is powder coated according to DIN 55633. In addition, customers report a very simple assembly of the car garage.

The best fleece car garage

This full garage from cartrend is made of weatherproof, extra thick non-woven fabric and protects your car in almost all weather conditions. The tarp is durable and breathable, and most importantly, bird droppings resistant, so your paint will be optimally protected from the stubborn stains.

The cover can be washed at 30 °C in the washing machine and it is UV resistant. However, the manufacturer recommends not to use this model outdoors in frost and snow. The tarp can be ordered in size M and L. The dimensions of size L are 482 x 177 x 121 centimeters.

Also interesting

Guide: questions you should ask before buying a car garage

For whom is a car garage suitable?

car garage

a car garage also protects your paintwork and helps you to avoid annoying rust in susceptible areas. First of all, it looks better and will bring you more money when you sell it, because your car looks better than most other comparable models.

Is a car garage suitable for every car??

garage type mobility theft protected
tarpaulin yes no
classic no yes

You should pay special attention to the cuts and dimensions, otherwise you will have a too small or too small car. Buying too big and having to return it again. The best thing is to pay attention to it right away and save yourself all the trouble.

In what dimensions should I buy a car garage??

The first number is the length, the second number is the width and the third number is the height of the garage. If you drive a small city car like a smart, it makes little sense to buy a tarpaulin over 4 meters long. It is the same the other way around.

The best thing to do is to look at the car dimensions in your car booklet, because everything is exactly stated there by the manufacturer.

What does a car garage cost?

type price range
mobile garage 20 € to 150 €
classic garage 160 € up to 4.800 €

as with any product, buy cheap and you buy twice. If you want to enjoy your garage for a long time, you should look at the price-performance ratio and not only at the price.

Where can I buy a car garage?

At the dealer you can get advice and have your questions about a car garage answered. foam models can often be seen and touched in the store itself. So you can get a feeling for it. However, you have to take the way to the store in purchase.

When buying online you can look at products from the comfort of your couch, watch videos and have a huge selection to choose from. You can easily order a product and get it delivered to your home. However, if you need help or have questions about the product, it is a little more complicated.

So you have to decide for yourself which method is more suitable for you. Both have their advantages but also disadvantages.

What are the alternatives to owning your own car garage ?

So you see that having your own garage is really practical and can make you a lot of money when you sell your car, if you have "garage car" written on the sale sign.

As an alternative to garage there are many advantages:

  • You can build it without building permit
  • It is compact and takes up little space
  • The price is lower than that of a garage or carport
  • You can take it with you when you move
type description
the tunnel garage is the optimal garage, if there is only little space available. It is also very easy to handle and easy to open and close due to the sliding curtain principle. The mobile version is even more space-saving, as it can be simply pushed together when not in use.
The car garage "snail is the optimal car shelter for your second car. this model is also easy to handle and easy to open and close due to the sliding curtain principle.
The car garage "double screw is the optimal car shelter for your small car. It can be opened at the front and back and is therefore well suited for off-street parking spaces.
The double garage offers space for a second car, or as storage space for bicycles, lawn mower and the like.

Basically, a parking garage is the same as a garage. either you pay monthly garage fees or you invest something in your own garage. It will certainly be worth it in the long run.

Decision: what types of car garages are there and which one is right for you??

Basically, we distinguish between these types of car garages:

  • Mobile car garages
  • Classic car garage

In the following we explain the different types and their advantages and disadvantages. With this we want to help you to find the most suitable car garage for you.

What are the characteristics of a mobile car garage and what are its advantages and disadvantages??

A mobile car garage is like a kind of tarpaulin made of water& Dirt repellent fabric. You can easily take it off and fold it again. Whether you park in front of your house, in front of your workplace or under a tree in the fall. Always and everywhere the mobile car garage does its job and protects your car.

  • Mobile
  • Handy
  • protection against scratches from other cars
  • No protection from events like hail etc.
  • Elaborate to install
  • No theft protection

What is a classic car garage and what are its advantages and disadvantages??

The classic car garage is stationary and is always in the same place. It is like a kind of roof or. Space where the car is parked. Again, the car is protected from any impact of the environment, whether sunlight, rain or hail.

  • Protection from all influences
  • Protection also from thieves
  • No complicated installation
  • Not mobile
  • More expensive than the mobile car garage
  • Space requirement

This form of car garage is perfect if you have a little space where you can place it.

Buying criteria: these are the factors you can use to compare and test car garages

In the following we will show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate car garages. This will make it easier for you to get an overview and decide on a suitable and effective model.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • water protection
  • Dirt repellent
  • Dimensions
  • Stability
  • Usability

In the following, you can read about the respective criteria and find out why it makes sense for you to purchase a model based on the criteria or not.

Water protection

The most important factor besides UV protection. The water-repellent factor of a car garage is essential and indispensable. This factor is important for not letting rain through, keeping rust out and also for protecting the car’s paintwork.

If a car garage is not water-repellent, then it has failed in its task and you should best keep your hands off such a product.

Dirt repellency

Another very important evaluation criterion is the rejection of dirt and grime. This is especially nice to see in dusty places. When you z.B. If you are driving in a sandy area and park your car in such a place, dust deposits will not be long in coming.

Type of construction cost space requirement
tarpaulin quickly small none
classic z.T. Long medium-high 6 m x 2,5 m

Also unwelcome is the sight of fertilizers, which the city pigeons let out of the air with nice greetings. Bird droppings are to car paint as acid is to our skin, because they etch the paint in the affected area.

The dimensions of the garage are important and should be considered as a primary factor in the purchase. Just imagine, you buy a nice garage and find out in the end that your car is too big and you only get half of it covered. Even before you look at the other criteria, you should find the right size.

This will save you a lot of back and forth and will protect your car right from the first application. So when you look at it, pay attention to the dimensions and the cut of the garage.


What good is a garage that gives way the first time or can be torn like a piece of paper?. For the stability, you should also touch the fabric to get an idea of the fabric and test the feel.

To the stability belongs of course also the elastic part, which protects the garage in case of a mobile one. It should be firm, so that the garage can not jump out again directly after installation. Too tight is of course also bad, because it makes the installation unnecessarily difficult.

The more everyday a car garage is, the better it is. When buying, always pay attention to the manageability and suitability for everyday use.


The usability is the ease of use and manageability of a product. In the case of the garage, usability means good instructions and easy installation on the vehicle.

In the case of a classic garage, it is the space inside it, which includes storage for tools or freedom of movement inside the garage. The combination of many individual things results in the sum of the usability and thus the user friendliness.

Trivia: facts worth knowing about car garages

How to place a car garage properly?

With mobile car garages it is easier. It is similar to putting on a mattress with fresh bed linen. First you start with one side of your car. This could be z.B. Be the front. After you have placed the elastic areas behind under the front shock absorbers, you can proceed with the rear end.

For the classic car garage there is usually a construction manual. If you follow the steps in the instructions, you should be able to set up the garage easily. After setting up the garage, you should shake it briefly to test its stability. if it is unstable, it would be best to return the product.

How to make a car garage more stable?

Again, you should distinguish between mobile and classic garage. You should place the mobile firmly with the elastic side relatively far below the body; this is the safest way.

With the solid it is obviously different. The foundation, i.e. the floor is crucial. If you build your garage on a pile of mud, it is not surprising if the garage collapses. You should be careful to choose stable ground. Suitable for this are normal asphalt, concrete, but also solid earth.

Where can I see if the dimensions are sufficient for my car??

The good news first: you don’t have to get out the folding rule and start wildly measuring your car. The exact values are provided by the manufacturer in the documents of the vehicle. So if you look carefully in the papers, you should know the values.

So now that you have the values, you just have to make sure that the garage fits your car length, width& -height covers. For a mobile garage, i.e. a tarpaulin, it is sufficient if the values are close to those of the car.

In case of a fixed car garage you should buy a bigger one. For note; you must be able to move around within the garage as well. It is of no use if you drive into the garage and cannot open the door.

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