Breadmaker test

ROMMELSBACHER breadmaker BA 550 – 13 programs, automatic ingredient compartment, 2 bread sizes 700 – 900 g, adjustable browning level in 3 steps, also for gluten-free bread (view at amazon)

Freshly baked bread and pastries are among the tastiest foods, they go well with many dishes and with toppings they become a snack. But going to the bakery every day is both time-consuming and expensive.

If you still don’t want to miss out on the pleasure of baking, you are well advised to use your own breadmaker. Especially for gluten allergy sufferers, an automatic bread maker offers the possibility of obtaining fresh, compatible bread.

Breadmakers – baking programs

Moulinex breadmaker with 17 automatic programs

Moulinex breadmaker with 17 automatic programs (view at amazon)

The soul of a breadmaker is its baking programs. Many different programs ensure variety among the homemade breads. people with gluten allergies should look for baking machines with a special baking program for gluten-free bread. With these special programs, even amateurs can prepare fresh bread quickly and effortlessly. The baking programs of the bread baking machine differ in their different baking times for a desired degree of browning.

Breadmaker quality features

Gastroback 42823 Design bread maker Advanced, stainless steel bread maker 18 programs, automatic ingredient compartment

Gastroback 42823 design bread maker advanced, stainless steel bread maker 18 programs, automatic ingredient compartment (view at amazon)

The most important test criterion in the bread maker test by stiftung warentest was, of course, baking. The bakers had to deliver perfect bread results in both the normal program and the fast program, and even gluten-free bread and a sweet raisin bread should be baked without any problems. Of course, the duration of each baking program was also taken into account in the bread maker test.

Breadmaker test winner convince furthermore also with a simple handling and can be cleaned simply. safety is also a focus of the testers in the breadmaker test, so the exterior parts must not get hot to prevent burns. A low power consumption and a long durability due to high quality materials are additional features of the bread maker test winner.

Breadmaker test winner and recommendations

UNOLD breadmaker Backmeister Edel, 550 W, 750-1000 g bread weight, ceramic coating, 16 programs

UNOLD breadmaker backmeister noble, 550 W, 750-1000 g bread weight, ceramic coating, 16 programs (view at amazon)

The unold elektro backmeister onyx 8695 was the winner of the stiftung warentest test (4/2005). The handy baking appliance convinces with a solid stainless steel housing and also delivers very good results with gluten-free bread. The successor model unold 68415 backmeister top edition also convinces many amazon customers. A timer button, which can be programmed up to 13 hours in advance, ensures warm bread even at breakfast time. A special feature of this automatic bread maker is the additional jam program, which allows the spread to be easily made in the same machine.

The magazine haus& garten test selects the philips HD 9040 automatic bread maker as test winner in test 1/2011. The breadmaker presents itself as very user-friendly and power-saving. The sweet bread from the philips vending machine tastes superbly fluffy and has a crispy crust. The smart breadmaker is designed for the preparation of three different bread sizes up to 1.25 kg and also only dough for small pastries is possible at any time.

A good price-performance ratio offers the clatronic BBA 3364 bread maker. 12 baking programs with up to 47 possible combinations also offer variety for your table in this automatic breadmaker. the non-stick baking pan prevents the dough from sticking and is easy to clean. The crust browning can also be individually adjusted in three stages, depending on personal preference.

Breadmaker conclusion

You won’t find it easier to bake crusty bread yourself than with one of the automatic breadmaker test winners. With the bread baking mixes available on the market, baking bread has never been easier, because the bread baking machines do everything themselves. With an automatic bread maker in your house, it will always smell nice and you can spoil yourself and your family with fresh bread.

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