Biden's agenda

Biden's agenda

Joe Biden's first speech as "president-elect" © Andrew Harnik

Corona, immigration, police violence and climate change – the list of ies new U.S. President Joe Biden wants to tackle is long. Can the hopeful of many Americans deliver what he promised on the campaign trail?

The Corona pandemic, currently at nearly 400.000 deaths in the United States is a top priority for future U.S. President Joe Biden. Biden has raised hopes among many people to take a different path than his predecessor Donald Trump on social and societal policy ies – not just climate policy.

Asylum: The U.S. should become more generous. Biden wants up to 125 in his first year in office.Accept 000 refugees for settlement. His predecessor, Donald Trump, had raised the number to 15.000 reduced.

Border wall: Bulldozers, excavators and concrete mixers were at work on the U.S.-Mexico border until Biden took office to continue building Trump's border wall. During a recent border visit, Trump celebrated the construction of some 720 kilometers of wall. According to Customs and Border Protection, entirely new barriers have been erected on 128 kilometers and existing barriers have been strengthened on 597 kilometers, Texas television station KHOU reported. Environmental groups complained of massive destruction of nature. Biden promised during the election campaign that he would "not build a foot" more.
Immigration: Trump has severely restricted immigration. Migrants coming through Mexico face wait on Mexican side for applications. Biden has promised "humane policies". However, it will take about six months to undo Trump's regulations, Biden explained to The New York Times. Biden wants to stop the ripping apart of migrant families common under the Trump administration and lift the ban on people from certain Muslim countries entering the country.
Climate Policy: Biden to make action on climate change a focus of his administration. Climate policy should come into play in all aspects of government work, he announced. The U.S. should become carbon-neutral by 2050. In his campaign platform, Biden stressed African Americans, Latinos and low-income areas suffer particularly badly from the
Climate change. It's something that needs to be considered in reforms, he said. Environmentalists praised EPA chief nominee Michael Regan, formerly in charge of environmental affairs for the state of North Carolina. Regan replaces Andrew Wheeler, a former coal industry lobbyist. Biden also plans to rejoin the U.N. climate agreement on the very first day of his term in office.
Abortion: Abortion regulations are largely up to the states in the U.S. Trump has helped opponents by appointing judges to rule on the legality of anti-abortion legislation. 1973 landmark ruling says government may not restrict right to abortion until fetus is independently viable. Biden is expected to appoint judges who will uphold the ruling. Biden also wants to eliminate so-called "Mexico City regulations," under which development aid organizations are stripped of U.S. aid if they provide abortions or counsel on the ie.

Police force: Despite years of Black Lives Matter rallies, number of fatal police shootings not declining. According to the Washington Post newspaper database, in the past year, 1.000 people shot by police officers. Biden's Justice Department to step up investigation into complaints of police racism. Biden wants to invest $300 million for "community policing," preventive police work with the population. In the USA, policing is in the hands of communities and cities.

Death penalty: Most death sentences are carried out by individual U.S. states. Trump has made executions a national ie. After 17-year hiatus from execution, he had 10 federal death sentences carried out in 2020. Even in his last days in office, he still had people executed. Biden opposes national death penalty. Democratic members of Congress have announced legislation to abolish it.
Religious Freedom: The Trump administration has sided with people who wanted to be exempt from certain regulations because of their faith during controversies over abortion and LGBT discrimination. For example, the government defended a strict religious confectioner who would not sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple. Biden has stressed on the campaign trail that he wants to stand up for equality.

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