Balsthal so : “it’s an absolute outrage” – 61 tires illegally disposed of in nature park

Unknown persons disposed of a large quantity of tires in broad daylight in the forest near balsthal. The community is very angry.

61 tires counted the Werkhof Balsthal in the nature park near Balsthal

61 tires were counted by werkhof balsthal in the nature park near balsthal.

The community president is annoyed by the audacity of the perpetrators

The mayor is annoyed by the audacity of the perpetrators.

Employees of the Werkhof transported the tires after the police had secured the evidence and disposed of them properly

After the police had secured the tracks, the employees of the works yard removed the tires and disposed of them properly.

In the forest near balsthal SO, walkers found illegally disposed tires in the forest.

The police have started an investigation.

There is a lot of anger in the community. The forest is a regional nature park.

"i’m really annoyed," says freddy kreuchi, mayor of balsthal SO to 20 minuten. "i have absolutely no understanding for something like this." what happened? Walkers found last thursday illegally disposed of tires in the forest near the roggenstrasse. They immediately informed the municipality, which in turn informed the police.

Because illegal disposal is an official offense, the police immediately started an investigation. For kreuchi it is clear: "if this wasn’t an official crime, we would have filed a complaint immediately. This is an absolute outrage. The tires were dumped in a regional nature park of all places."

No clues to the perpetrators

After the police had secured the traces, employees of the maintenance depot removed the tires and disposed of them properly. "it annoys me. That’s not really the job of the yard," says Kreuchi. The employees count a total of 61 tires.

The police confirms the facts. "by the municipality of balsthal was the cantonal police solothurn on thursday, 20. January 2022, reported that in the bereten forest near balsthal ca. 50 old tires were disposed of illegally. A police patrol consequently went to the scene and took the facts of the case." there are currently no clues as to the perpetrators of the crime.

"we sometimes find old kitchens"

In the Balsthal/mumliswil region, illegal waste disposal is a recurring occurrence, as district forester Kilian Bader says in response to a question from 20 minuten. "it doesn’t happen often on this scale," he says. "what we have occasionally are old kitchens, so boxes and plywood."in addition, there are litter bags and other littering. "what is atypical in this case," says Bader, "is that the tires were dumped in broad daylight instead of, for example, during the night on a secluded forest path."

The tires were probably found on 20. January between ten and twelve o’clock at the roggenstrasse disposed of. Persons who can provide relevant information are asked to contact the Balsthal police station (062 311 96 00).

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