“Appreciative address.”

"Gender stars" © Sebastian Gollnow

The Central Committee of German Catholics wants to use gender-sensitive and gender-appropriate language in the future. In the future, the gender asterisk should be used in the written word.

The Assembly on Saturday approved a motion that gender-sensitive language is desirable in oral language use as well. Here, the use of the gender asterisk is to be expressed by a pause in the place of the asterisk.

The rationale is that language determines thought and consciousness and creates realities. Studies showed that using the generic masculine as well as a neutral form did not lead to the visibility of women or trans, intersex or queer people.

Recognition of every human being

"Through a sensitive use of language, we actively contribute to the equality of all genders and to an appreciative address," according to the resolution of the plenary assembly. The consideration of different gender identities in language is a first step towards the recognition of every human being and his or her dignity, he said. "The use of gendered language makes both women and more non-male people visible."

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