“Another abortifacient”

In Spain, the introduction of the so-called "morning-after pill" is causing criticism. The drug has been available without a prescription and without age restriction in Spain since Monday. Catholic Church criticizes use of "morning after pill" as "another abortifacient" and "crime".

The "morning-after pill" is a "drug that is not used to cure an illness, but to terminate unborn life," the Spanish bishops said in the statement ied at the end of June. The morning-after pill is an abortion technique, not a simple contraceptive," bishops' paper says.

Previously, Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez had declared that the "morning-after pill" is not an abortion, but an emergency solution after unplanned and unprotected sexual intercourse. They said the measure was intended to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, but not to serve as "another method of contraception or abortion". Examples from other countries show that the uncontrolled sale of the pills does not promote abuse, it said.

In addition to the debate about the morning-after pill, another project of the socialist government is causing criticism from the church. Over the weekend, the cabinet approved a bill to liberalize abortion legislation. According to the bill, the currently applicable indication solution is to be replaced by a time limit regulation.

The new regulations provide for abortion free of punishment up to 14. week of pregnancy before. In addition, minors 16 and older will be allowed to have an abortion without their parents' consent in the future. In the case of malformation of the fetus and if the physical or mental health of the expectant mother is endangered, abortions should still be allowed until the 22nd week of pregnancy. Week allowed to be. The project must now be approved by the parliament with an absolute majority.

Until now, abortions have been forbidden in Spain. The regulation in force since 1985 allows only three exceptional cases: Rape, malformation of the fetus, and a threat to the physical or mental health of the expectant mother.

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