Against right-wing extremism

Against right-wing extremism

Right-wing extremism in Germany © Patrick Pleul

Protestant pastor Wilfried Manneke is awarded the Paul Spiegel Prize. The award for civil courage has been presented by the Central Council of Jews since 2009.

The award ceremony is expected to take place in June 2018 in Hanover, as the Central Council announced in Berlin on Wednesday. Manneke has been committed to combating right-wing extremism since 1995. At the time, he joined the "Working Group against Hetendorf 13," which opposed a neo-Nazi training center. In 2009, the Protestant pastor was one of the founders of the "Netzwerk Sudheide gegen Rechtsextremismus" (South Heath Network against Right-Wing Extremism).

With around ten other active members as well as 500 supporters, the network has since been fighting right-wing extremists in Lower Saxony.

Committed despite personal attacks

Furthermore, in 2010 Manneke was also one of the founders of the initiative "Church for Democracy – Against Right-Wing Extremism" of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover, which has also been fighting right-wing extremism for years with intensive education and many actions. Manneke recently became chairman of the initiative's speaker's council.

"Pastor Manneke demonstrates courage and perseverance with his extraordinary commitment," said the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster. "Although he has to endure personal hostility and attacks have already been made on him and his residence, Pastor Manneke refuses to be intimidated.

He and his comrades-in-arms, like the Protestant Church of Hanover, show outstanding commitment to the protection of minorities and to our democracy.

Award for civil courage

Since 2009, the Paul Spiegel Prize for Civil Courage has been awarded by the Central Council of Jews in Germany in memory of its former president Paul Spiegel and his tireless commitment to combating racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism and promoting a strong civil society. In 2016, the association "Gesicht Zeigen" received!" the prize. The price is set at 5.000 euro endowed.

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