After published sex videos

After published sex videos

A nun in India © Sanjeev Gupta

In Kerala, India, two Catholic clergy have been suspended from their priestly duties. They are accused of sexual abuse of women in their congregation.

Tellicherry diocese has launched investigations into the two priests, Asian news service Ucanews reported (Monday). The case had become known through the publication of phone calls and videos of the sexual activities of the two clergymen on social media.

Subsequently, the archdiocese reacted, ied the suspension and launched an investigation, reported Ucanews. In addition, she had apologized to the faithful for the misconduct of the two priests.

Women religious forced to have sex

Several recent cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and bishops have become public in India. Making headlines is the case of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who is on trial in Kerala on charges of raping a nun.

Also in Kerala, a priest was sentenced to life in prison for raping a girl in March. In India, it is also an open secret that several priests have allegedly forced religious women to have sex for decades.

At its plenary session in February, the Indian Bishops' Conference adopted a "zero tolerance policy" in cases of abuse. A priest who was named told Ucanews that a similar resolution passed in 2015 was never made public.

Are victims silenced?

Theologian Virginia Saldanha said, "I have personally dealt with many cases of sexual abuse in the church. But I don't know a single person who has received justice from the church. What the clergy is doing is silencing victims."

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