“Action now” and position dispute

On Sunday in Mexico City, the 17. World AIDS Conference started. On site for the Society for Technical Cooperation is Cornelius Oepen. this site spoke with him about the challenges of the meeting. The five-day event is accompanied by a debate on the position of the Catholic Church.

The 29 governments of Latin America could not agree on a unified line towards the position of the Catholic Church. This propagates abstinence and fidelity as the most effective prevention of infection with Aids. According to the Mexican daily "El Universal" (Saturday), the governments committed themselves in the run-up to the AIDS conference to review existing concepts for the prevention of diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse. They also want to promote education about contraception and the use of condoms, as well as fight more intensively against discrimination against people infected with HIV. Mexico insisted that, as a secular state, it wanted to carry out clarification independently of the church's position. Brazil, Colombia and Guyana also emphasize individual freedom of choice, according to "El Universal. The representatives of Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize described the Church as the main obstacle to the implementation of an integral policy of education. The Caribbean countries alone want to incorporate "sexual abstinence" into their AIDS education programs, the paper said. Bishop's appendix Mexico's Catholic Church had called for solidarity with HIV-infected people and more tolerance in the run-up to the conference. The doors of churches, faith communities, schools and church homes must not remain closed, Bishop Gustavo Rodrigo Vega, who is responsible for Caritas, demanded in Mexico City over the weekend. The auxiliary bishop of Monterrey presented a catalog of actions of the Mexican social pastoral; it includes 12 points and is entitled "Our faith acts for a dignified life of our brothers and sisters with HIV". The six-day conference will bring together some 25.000 scientists, politicians and AIDS activists expected to attend. Vega condemned that infected people were discriminated against out of fear and ignorance. It is not acceptable that people "with the leprosy of the new millennium" should have to hide themselves. The bishop also reiterated the Church's call for integral sex education that emphasizes the love and responsibility of spouses. "Universal Action Now" motto In Mexico City, some 25.000 scientists, politicians and AIDS activists. The meeting is held every two years in changing locations. Its motto is "Universal Action Now". Conference meets in Latin America for the first time. Core topics of the meeting, which will last until Friday, are the strengthening of the health infrastructure and synergy effects of treatment and prevention. Respect and promotion of human rights and equality in terms of aid are also on the agenda. Mexico's President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa opened the conference on Sunday. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and former U.S. President Bill Clinton are also expected to attend the event. According to the UN program UNAIDS, around 33 million people worldwide are living with the AIDS virus. According to a report, 2.7 million people became newly infected last year, and 2 million sufferers died. 67 percent of those infected lived in Africa, where the disease is the leading cause of death, he said.

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