About 500 supporters

About 500 supporters

Signatures collected for a petition © CBA

No one should be discriminated against in the Church "on the basis of their sexual orientation," demands a petition in which well-known Catholic theologians also participate. Also so-called conversion therapies condemn the signatories.

Numerous prominent politicians and theologians have signed an online petition against discrimination against gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the Catholic Church. The campaign, initiated by Karlsruhe psychotherapist Christof Wagner, is receiving support from former German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks, Catholic theologians Wunibald Muller, Sabine Demel, Magnus Striet, Hermann Haring and Pierre Stutz, among others.

"Today, pathologizing attitudes of churches toward homosexuality continue to trigger conflicts of conscience and faith, feelings of guilt and shame, and feelings of inferiority among devout gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians," Wagner explained in Karlsruhe on Thursday.

Against interventions aimed at changing sexual orientation

The petition, signed by more than 500 people so far, also opposes psychotherapies and pastoral interventions aimed at changing sexual orientation.

"A rejection of homosexuality as it is understood today finds no argument in the Bible," says the letter, addressed to the German, Austrian and Swiss bishops' conferences and to the Holy See. The condemnation of homosexual people to abstinence can be derived neither from the Old Testament nor from the New Testament, he said.

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