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General type approval ABE or certificate?: Registration of rims and tires - What to consider?

By editors: VAU MAX

with a car, everyone agrees that, at least in the summer, the right rims should not be missing, and the tires should not necessarily be spared. Of course, safety and legal requirements must not be neglected.

General operating permit for rims

Abe car

–> the general type approval (ABE) is the basic requirement for every rim used in road traffic. This operating license is issued by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and is obtained by the manufacturer. When selling this rim, this ABE must even be supplied and after mounting it must also be carried in the car. With reputable supplier like original wheels this is never a problem. The ABE can also be lost, but in this case it can be requested again from the manufacturer of the rim. This can be found but also as a download on the manufacturer’s site.

It is important that everyone drives with rims that are subject to the legal regulations. If you do not do this, you may even lose your insurance coverage and in case of an accident, this incident could well lead to a private insolvency if the financial means are not sufficient. If unauthorized rims are found during a traffic control, a fine of 90 euros plus a point in flensburg is to be expected. It can be assumed that these fines will be increased significantly.

How can I check the ABE of the rim??

Abe car

–> in the case of a used vehicle or similar, it is also important to make sure that the rims are of course registered rims. The assignment of the debt to the previous owner or proprietor is of course not legally valid.

It can be found out, whether the rims require a registration or whether these may be driven without registration. For this, however, already a look in the ABE of the rim is enough. The general operating permit is similar to a test report, where all vehicles are listed, which are allowed to install the rims without registration. However, separate conditions may be necessary.

If a rim despite matching ABE still requires the consent of an inspector, then the next trip to the TuV or DEKRA enforcing. The costs for a registration with ABE and parts certificate amount to approximately 35 to 70 euros. If the rims have been delivered without an expert opinion, the prices start from 100 euro and depend on the effort of the inspection.

What to look for when buying rims?

Abe car

–> in the search for rims you will find the most beautiful models and the urge, buy the best from these sources , rises. However, there is also a lot to consider when buying rims. Not least, however, because more and more dubious suppliers take on this market.

How to find a reputable dealer?

Established suppliers such as original rader can undoubtedly be trusted, because they are German companies that have their headquarters here and can be tested. However, other vendors who sell on marketplaces such as ebay, for example, should not necessarily be trusted. Often no goods are delivered or if, then just rims, which have undoubtedly their best days already behind them. A rim reconditioning can still save the model , but in the end this price would exceed a new purchase long ago.

Determine the correct rim size

Abe car

–> The size of the rim must correspond to the vehicle registration certificate. For a VW golf, for example, the basic size is 6.00 x 16 (therefore 16 inches in diameter). But if now a larger tire is mounted, then the tire could hit the sheet metal when steering. Thus, the legislator has prescribed a distance, which is mandatory to comply with. This distance is defined between the center of the rim and the wheel flange and is called offset.

As a layman who absolutely wants to have new rims, it is a bit more complicated to cope with all these requirements. However, a reputable dealer can of course help with advice.

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