A scandal draws circles

Catholic bishops today present their revised guidelines for dealing with sexual abuse in the church. Since mid-January, the abuse scandal has shaken the Catholic Church in Germany. The Catholic News Agency (KNA) lists important stations of the development from the past months.

The director of the Canisius College of the Jesuits in Berlin, Father Klaus Mertes, informs in letters about 500 pupils of the "potentially affected" graduating classes 1975 to 1983 about possible cases of abuse. He apologizes for "looking the other way" in the teaching staff and in the order. In the following weeks, numerous cases of abuse by Catholic priests and religious come to light. The Upper Bavarian monastery of Ettal and the Regensburg Cathedral Boys' Choir are also affected.
According to a survey by "Der Spiegel," 97 priests and laymen in Germany's Catholic Church have been investigated for sexual abuse since 1995.
Pope Benedict XVI. condemns sexual abuse of children by priests.
Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg attributes the abuse to the increasing sexualization of public life since 1968.
Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) demands an intensive clarification of all cases of abuse at schools and in church institutions in the Bundestag.

24. March: The federal cabinet appoints former federal family minister Christine Bergmann (SPD) as abuse commissioner and decides to set up a round table.

Mixa explains that he "can't rule out one or two wads "n for his time as city pastor". This he regrets. But he had not beaten.
Mixa offers the pope his resignation as Augsburg bishop and military bishop.
Archbishops Robert Zollitsch and Reinhard Marx, as well as auxiliary bishop Anton Losinger of Augsburg, are accused by Pope Benedict XVI. received in audience. Suspicions of abuse against Mixa also come up.
Pope accepts resignation of Augsburg bishop.
Ingolstadt public prosecutor's office closes preliminary investigation of abuse against Mixa due to lack of suspicion of the crime.
Catholic bishops agree to revamp church guidelines for dealing with sexual abuse. They also discuss compensation.

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