A look into the crystal ball: famous cars and how they predicted the future of mobility

David hasselhoff’s companion K.I.T.T. From knight rider, the legendary delorean from back to the future or the transformers: cars sometimes take on the leading role in movies and tv – and invent scenarios for the mobility of the future. We take a look at which filmmakers got it right when they looked into the glass ball.

even if none of us knows what’s coming: some movies prove a damn good nose in the car of the future. this is how accurate famous movie cars and their inventors were.

David hasselhoff’s companion K.I.T.T. Setting future trends

in the 80s, knight rider david hasselhoff, aka michael knight, was on a crime spree. His faithful companion: car K.I.T.T., that could not only talk the talk and talk the talk, but also had some cutting-edge technology under the hood. For example, K.I.T.T. Turning it into a convertible at the touch of a button – a feature that no longer sounds so futuristic today. The black wagon was also equipped with a surveillance mode. Dangerous had K.I.T.T. Always on the (picture) screen. Reminds us a bit of today’s driver assistance systems, which, for example, provide us with a 360-degree view via video when parking. Another exciting feature: silent mode, thanks to which K.I.T.T. With inaudible engine noises was on the way. Today, K.I.T.T. Probably simply equipped with an electric motor.

Conclusion: even though cars nowadays, like K.I.T.T., although not equipped with an ejector seat and built-in cash machine, the knight rider makers have shown a good hand for future technologies.

K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider with open doors

The delorean travels through time – and is as contemporary as ever

The delorean power in back to the future possible, which is not yet part of our travel options: marty mcfly and "doc" travel through time with him. Yet the delorean DMC-12 was just a normal car – a coupe produced in Northern Ireland in the early 1980s. Its inventor: john delorean, who wanted above all to bring an "ethical" car onto the market: safe, durable and sustainable. A mission that still fits like a glove today. With climate change on the horizon and record car use, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the ethical car. John delorean was clearly ahead of his time and wanted to make his product more compact, higher quality and safer. Instead, the delorean went down in history as the perfect vehicle for time travel – not bad, either. And although the car is no longer manufactured, it is still a perennial favorite as a model car, a playmobil version or in video games.

Conclusion: even if the delorean was a discontinued model – its legendary status endures and the concept of an ethical passenger car is as relevant as it has ever been.

The DeLorean from Back to the Future, oblique view from behind

VW beetle herbie knew: it’s going in the direction of autonomous driving

The VW beetle herbie starts his film career at the end of the 60s and conquers screens and cinema screens until the beginning of the noughties. But his star appeal is not only due to the unique beetle design, which still has many fans today: herbie, like K.I.T.T., a personality of its own, wit and charm. And, of course, herbie can do more than the average car: the car drives alone, without a driver at the wheel, and it’s fast on the way. Clearly, the trend towards self-driving cars was already emerging in the 60s with herbie.

Conclusion: technology meets human traits: herbie can easily join the development of artificial intelligence and knew even then that we had our sights set on the self-driving car.

VW Beetle Herbie seen from the side in a parking lot

Transformers: the story of the sentient autobot

The latest installment in the transformers film series hit theaters in 2017 and, like its predecessors, mixes action and science fiction into a giant special effects spectacle in which humans meet intelligent machine creatures from another planet. These change form and travel as autobots, among other things – each equipped with its own character and talent. admittedly, the transformers movies will probably not go down in history as the finest cinematography. But the images of the cars unfolding into imposing robotic creatures have remained in most people’s memories. They continue to tell the story of artificial intelligence and hit the nerve of the times.

Conclusion: transformers has broken a few records – though not the one for the best movie dialogues. Nevertheless: the question of "how human" technology can be is taken up here in a contemporary way.

A Transformer in yellow and purple is displayed in front of a large audience

Nexicar: star in the making

Okay, we admit: nexicar can’t hold a candle to candidates like the delorean in terms of fame, of course, and hasn’t been seen on any screens – yet! But we have a lot in store for our new team member. Since may 2020, our personal favorite car has been on a nexibles* mission for a more relaxed life. Here you can find information on all the campaigns in which you can take part.

To make nexicar and its celebrity status a reality, we didn’t just pick any car: nexicar is a future-oriented volvo. As a plug-in hybrid, nexicar can switch to zero-emission mode at any time and has a lot going for it: nexicar is equipped with a smart system that makes the car the perfect car-sharing vehicle, ensures safety and provides Wi-Fi for all passengers.

Conclusion: we are a fan and hope that you will soon become one too. if you want to get to know nexicar even better (or cast it for a movie), you can find all the info here.

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