9 Fun travel games to play on the road that will shorten any boring car ride

9 simple games for a long car ride. (so you don’t get on the drivers nerves)

Long drive, no more battery and also otherwise the mood in the car is close to the freezing point? Then you should try one of the following nine games. But be careful, you must not distract the driver!

"i see something you don’t"

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"I see something you don’t see!"this game is probably known by everyone and i almost suspect that even the children in ancient rome played this game.

But if you think that this game is only for quieting little crybabies, you are very wrong. Just when an embarrassing and long pause in conversation with colleagues is looming, you can elegantly circumnavigate it with this simple game.

WTF? Ah! With these pictures you have to look twice to understand them

"sink ships"

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Who sits in the back seat for two and does not want to annoy the driver with unnecessary chatter, can play with paper and pen sink ships. just don’t make a grid too big. I speak from experience; I once played Battleship for three hours because the grid was 20 by 20 squares. &

small tip: before you start, check the rules, because like "UNO" or "monopoly", there are also variations of the rules for "sink the ships". And above all, don’t forget to make two grids, one for your ships and one for your shots. As I said, I speak from experience .

You should talk about these things briefly before the game:

  • ships must not be stacked. Yes, there are indeed such witzbolde!
  • Can the ships touch each other? If so: only on the corners or also on the edges?
  • How many ships of what size are used?

"tic tac toe"

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Pen and paper are lost in the depths of your travel bags? no problem, just breathe on the disc and you have the perfect drawing surface! I think the rules are clear to everyone, and if not; just have a quick look at the gif.

Spoiler! In 98 percent of the cases it will end up like this:

Who am I?

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Simply write down a known person on a post-it, stick it on the forehead of the person opposite and off you go to ask the question. Of course, you can also just remember who you thought of for the one across the street. The questions can only be answered yes or no.

It’s fun especially with characters from movies, comics and books. The prerequisite is simply that the people involved know their character, otherwise it gets pretty nasty.

Here you can find out which series character you are:

star badge

Who first sees a swiss flag

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If it’s not the first of august, this game can drag on a bit and that’s what makes it exciting.

But beware: swiss crosses on the license plates don’t count, that would spoil the whole fun after all.

count construction cranes to the destination

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Everybody can count yellow cars? Well then you should count construction cranes next time. Of course you can also look out for other things.

The best thing to do is to organize a competition to see who can find the most of the agreed items. The loser has to buy a round of drinks. But do not cheat!

Write down seen cantonal emblems

We wouldn’t be swiss if we weren’t shaped by canton-like spirit. You can really live out your inner bunzli in this game by trying to see all the cantonal coats of arms along the way.

The question is, do you know them all?? And above all: do you know how many there are??

Fun drawings of the cantons can be found here:

Estimate tunnel length

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Tunnel driving is actually an incredibly boring affair. And the attached lights on the ceiling of the tunnel lead to a troublesome stroboscopic effect.

Thanks to the tunnel length estimation game you make the drive through the darkness a lot more exciting. In front of each tunnel is written how long it is. The driver reads this information and lets the other passengers (who of course had to look away) guess how long the tunnel is.

This tunnel is especially nice to go through by train:


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If you like exciting and spooky stories, you should tell each other blackstories. You as the narrator describe a situation, your colleagues now have to find out how it came about. You may answer their questions only with yes or no.

If you google "blackstories" on the internet, you will find a whole series of such puzzles. Alternatively you can buy a box.

Here is a small example:

"a man goes into a restaurant and orders seagulls. He takes a bite, then goes out and takes his own life. What happened?"

When the group finds no more food on the island, they decide to eat the deceased buddy. However, the man refuses. However, because the group wants to prevent the man from starving, they tell him that they have caught a seagull and give him the meat to eat.

Years later, when he discovers seagulls on the menu in the restaurant and notices at first bite that the taste is different, he realizes that he ate his buddy back then. He can’t handle that and takes his own life.

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