6 Different portable dvd players in comparison – find your best dvd player for your car& co – our test or. Advisor 2022

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You are often on the road and want to sweeten your travels with some entertainment? Then, with a portable DVD player, you will be optimally equipped to face even the longest plane, bus or car journeys in the future. Modern devices already offer high-resolution displays and are no longer limited to cds and dvds. With portable DVD players, you can often also play digital content and simply play your films from a USB stick or SD card.

To give you an initial overview of what’s available on the market, we have compared a total of 6 different portable DVD players for you and go into the most important features of each individual product. in the following, we will tell you in our guide how a portable dvd player works, which different types there are and what you should consider if you want to buy such a device. Finally, we answer the most frequently asked questions and also tell you if there is already a portable DVD player test byoko test or stiftung warentest.

4 handy portable DVD players in big comparison

Other comparisons with interesting technical achievements

1. FANGOR portable DVD player with full-HD resolution

FANGOR portable DVD player

FANGOR’s portable DVD player has a 12-inch display with a full HD resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels. For a good viewing angle in different sitting positions, it swivels 270 degrees and folds up to 180 degrees. Besides cds and dvds, the player also supports digital media- for example movies and series in AVI or MP4 format. They can be played via a microsd memory card.

The connection options of the portable DVD player include a headphone jack, an AV jack, a digital audio output, a microsd card slot, an HDMI port and a LAN port. The scope of delivery includes an AV cable, a power cord, a car charger, a remote control and a user manual.

The FANGOR portable DVD player features an all-black design and a convenient carry handle.

2. SUNPIN PD101-BU-EN portable DVD player with HD screen

SUNPIN PD101-BU-EN portable DVD player

The SUNPIN PD101-BU-EN portable DVD player has a screen diagonal of 10.5 inches and a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The screen is designed to protect the eyes and reduce eye fatigue. The device not only plays dvds, but also digital audio and video content such as MP3, WMA, VOB, AVI, MPEG1 or JPEG. The DVD player also offers an SD card slot and a USB port. Thanks to the AV port, the device can even be connected to the TV or notebook.

For sound, the SUNPIN DVD player has integrated speakers and a headphone jack. The integrated battery offers a runtime of up to 5 hours. this unit comes with a remote control, power adapter, car charger, AV cable, headrest mount, and user manual. The portable DVD player supports these disc formats:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • DVD R(-R)
  • DVD RW(-RW)
  • VCD
  • SVCD-R(RW)
  • CD-R(RW)

The player has a slow motion playback and repeat function and allows rotation and zooming as well as subtitle playback. Thanks to the memory function, content can be continued where it was last interrupted.

3. Reflexion DVD1017 portable DVD player with 10 inch display

Reflexion DVD1017 Portable DVD Player

this modern DVD player is also capable of playing back digital content such as JPEG, MPEG2, AVI and DIVX in addition to cds and dvds. SD card slot and USB port available for data transfer. In addition, this model offers you a headphone jack and built-in speakers for sound playback, a battery life of about five hours and an AV input for connecting to a TV. The package includes a car charger, power adapter, remote control, AV cable and USB cable. So, in general, this portable DVD player is not much different from the last two models presented.

There are no significant differences in the design of the reflexion DVD1017 portable DVD player either. The device has a black color scheme and rounded edges, which gives it a rather modern look. Meanwhile, the dimensions are a compact 3 x 27 x 27 centimeters and the weight is 600 grams.

4. Lenco DVP-1045 portable DVD player in a double pack

Lenco DVP-1045 Portable DVD Player Set

With a screen diagonal of 10 inches, this device offers you an average screen diagonal. Meanwhile, the resolution is around 1.280 x 600 pixels. As usual, the display can be folded by 180 degrees and rotated by 270 degrees.

This portable DVD player allows you to play cds and dvds as well as digital JPG, AVI and MP3 files. In addition to a USB input and a SD card slot, there is also a headphone jack. In addition to the two portable DVD players, the package includes two car adapters, two power adapters, two headphones, two remote controls, two headrest mounts and an AV cable.

5. NAVISKAUTO portable DVD player with 5.000-milliampere-hour battery

NAVISKAUTO portable DVD player

With this portable DVD player, you are also able to play back digital content such as AVI videos or JPG images in addition to cds and dvds. For data transfer, the device is equipped with a USB port, an SD card slot and an MMC card slot. In addition, the DVD player has built-in 75-decibel speakers and a headphone jack. With the 5.000-milliampere-hour battery allows the device to run for up to 7 hours. In addition to the portable DVD player, you will also find a remote control, an AC adapter, a car adapter and an AV cable in the scope of delivery.

ÄThe most striking feature of the NAVISKAUTO portable DVD player is its display. With a screen diagonal of 15.6 inches, this is larger than most of the other devices in our comparison. Overall, the device with its flat, completely black design makes a very noble and high-quality impression. The dimensions here are a comparatively large 43 x 36.5 x 7.5 centimeters and the weight is 2.6 kilograms. When you buy this portable DVD player, the manufacturer also gives you an 18-month warranty.

6. Odys seal 9- Portable DVD player in tablet design

Odys Seal 9 portable DVD player

With this portable DVD player, you can easily play various CD and DVD formats. However, the digital content is limited to MP3 files and JPG images. They also have a USB port and an SD card slot. In addition, the DVD player is equipped with an aV connection, two aux-in ports and integrated stereo speakers. However, the battery life here is only a relatively short 2 hours. The package also includes a convenient carrying case, a remote control, a power adapter, a 12-volt car adapter and an AV cable.

Visually, the seal 9 with its matte-black tablet design is definitely something to behold. The dimensions are a compact 26 x 22 x 10 centimeters and the weight is 794 grams. Unfortunately, you do not receive a warranty with the purchase of this device.

Portable DVD player test

What is a portable DVD player?

Portable DVD players are special devices that combine a DVD player and a display. This makes it a practical and portable device that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies even on the bus, train or plane. Portable DVD players are often used to keep children occupied during long car rides.

How a portable DVD player works?

The basic functionality of a portable DVD player is no different from that of a stationary device. A laser integrated in the drive is used to read the image and sound data on the CD or DVD. The difference is that the transmission is not to a television, but to the integrated display of the portable DVD player. In any case, they have an integrated rechargeable battery so that they can also be used on the move. Depending on the model, portable DVD players have a battery life of 2 to 10 hours. With most devices, however, an external power supply is also possible.

Applications and advantages of portable DVD players


Portable DVD players are primarily intended for mobile use and can make your long travels more enjoyable. There are even some models that are specifically designed to be attached to a car seat headrest. In the meantime, you can also watch movies with your smartphone however, with a portable DVD player you can enjoy your blockbusters much more comfortably and on a larger display.

However, portable DVD players are not only practical for the car. At home, for example, such a device offers you a perfect opportunity to spend a cozy movie night despite a power outage. You can also enjoy your favorite movies and series on the balcony. If you place the device securely, you can even use it in the bathtub. The bottom line is that portable DVD players are very versatile. What’s more, such devices are relatively inexpensive these days and are also suitable for children because of their robustness.

The advantages and disadvantages of portable DVD players at a glance:

  • Flexible use
  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for long trips
  • Also suitable for children
  • Sound and picture quality not comparable with TVs

Comparing tablet and portable DVD players

Have you thought about whether it might make more sense to buy a tablet?? It all depends. If you are looking for a device that is primarily intended for entertainment purposes, a portable DVD player offers you almost everything that a tablet can do for you except internet access. The advantage is that portable DVD players are much more cost-effective. If you already have a smartphone with Internet access, a tablet won’t open up any new functions for you.

Portable DVD player comparison

What types of portable DVD players are there??

Portable DVD players differ fundamentally in terms of their design. There are two different types here:

  • Portable DVD players with folding case
  • Portable DVD players with tablet function

Portable DVD players with foldable housing

Many portable DVD players are similar to laptops, with a folding display. This makes transport easier and protects the display from scratches. There are also models that have a display that folds 180 degrees and rotates 270 degrees. So you can use your portable dvd player like a tablet. However, the disadvantage of such models is that they are somewhat larger and it is difficult to attach them to a headrest in the car. Also in our comparison you will find many portable DVD-players, which have a foldable and rotatable display.

Portable DVD players with tablet design

In the meantime, there are also portable DVD players that are designed like a conventional tablet. This makes them flatter and altogether more compact than the devices with a foldable display. In addition, such devices can usually be easily attached to car headrests. With this design, however, the display is completely unprotected and prone to scratches. In addition, the compact design can generate a lot of heat.

Internet versus specialist shops: where is it worth buying my portable DVD player??

Portable DVD players are available in electronics stores and sometimes in supermarkets. If necessary, you can get advice here, but you will have to reckon with a small selection of devices. In addition, you usually have limited opportunities to compare the prices and performance of the different models in specialized stores.

Buying your new portable DVD player on the Internet is a little more convenient. Here you can choose from almost all the models available on the market, giving you the best possible opportunity to find out more about them and compare their price/performance ratio. At the end of the day, the internet offers you more advantages.

Here’s what you should look for when buying your new portable DVD player

Here's what you should watch out for

To make sure you find a portable DVD player that really meets your personal needs, there are a few factors to consider before buying. In the following section, we will explain which points you should pay attention to. These factors are crucial:

  1. Picture quality
  2. Sound quality
  3. Supported formats
  4. Connections
  5. Battery life
  6. Operation
  7. Noise level

The picture quality of your portable DVD player plays a particularly important role. Why buy such a device if you can get a similar picture quality on your cell phone or tablet?? An average portable DVD player offers you a screen diagonal of 10.5 inches and a resolution of comparatively low 800 x 600 pixels. However, there are also portable DVD players with larger displays and full HD resolution.

Sound quality

You should also not neglect the sound quality when buying your portable DVD player. Most models have integrated speakers for sound reproduction. However, manufacturers often do not specify the exact performance of the speakers. If you want to use your portable DVD player a lot when you’re on the move, you must make sure it has an integrated headphone jack. This means that you are somewhat less dependent on ambient noise when you are on the move.

Supported formats

There are major differences in portable DVD players, especially in terms of the formats they support. Conventional cds and dvds can be played on any model. Modern devices also often allow you to play back blank formats such as DVD+/- or DVD-RW. If you want to play your own burned discs, you should make sure before buying that the player supports the corresponding formats.

Nowadays, portable DVD players can play not only discs, but also digital media such as MPEG4 videos, AVI videos or various image formats. When it comes to compatible formats, the general rule is: the more, the better.

As far as connection options are concerned, there are only minor differences between the individual models. The basic equipment of every portable DVD player includes at least one USB port and one SD card slot. Somewhat better equipped models sometimes also have two USB ports and an additional MMC card slot.

Particularly modern devices are sometimes also equipped with WLAN and bluetooth. However, such devices are comparatively expensive and rather rare to find.

Battery life

If you want to use your portable DVD player primarily on the move, battery life is also an important consideration. This can vary greatly from model to model and ranges on average between 3 and 10 hours. Keep in mind, however, that the actual battery life also depends on your personal usage behavior and may well vary.

Most portable DVD players are equipped with integrated controls that allow you to navigate through the menu navigate or pause or fast forward your movie. For mobile use, such controls are usually perfectly adequate. In your own four walls, however, an accompanying remote control can also be very useful. These are often already included in the scope of delivery of portable DVD players. Alternatively, you can also use a universal remote control.


Since portable DVD players have an integrated drive, they cannot operate completely silently. However, you should make sure that your portable DVD player is not excessively noisy during operation. Because a high operating noise level not only reduces your enjoyment of the movie, but can also be very disturbing for the people in your immediate vicinity.

Known manufacturers

The best portable DVD player

As in any technical field, there are also some manufacturers of portable DVD players that have been able to set themselves apart from the competition with their high-quality products. In the following section, we would like to introduce you to three of the best-known manufacturers of portable DVD players.

odys is a brand of the swiss company axidia, which first appeared on the consumer electronics market in 2005. Under the odys brand, the company sells a wide range of products in this area. In addition to portable dvd players, odys also offers headphones, tablets and even computers. In terms of price, the manufacturer strives to offer its products at the lowest possible price while maintaining good quality.

dbpower, a company founded in england, is a relatively young company that also focuses on consumer electronics. However, dbpower also offers car accessories and outdoor equipment. However, the company does not serve these different areas entirely on its own, but works together with various suppliers. Portable DVD players from dbpower are usually from the lower price ranges and usually do without additional features or special functions.

The apeman company was only founded in china in 2016 and has since dedicated itself primarily to the manufacture of action cams. In addition to dashcams and projectors, the company also manufactures various other consumer electronics products including portable DVD players. As far as price is concerned, apeman products are usually found in the middle class. At the same time, they offer you a solid quality and often also various additional functions.

In addition, there are many other manufacturers known for their high-quality DVD players. At this point, however, we will limit ourselves to three of the best-known manufacturers of portable DVD players.

Useful accessories for your portable DVD player

There are all kinds of practical accessories for portable DVD players. A particularly useful feature is the remote control, which allows you to control the device remotely if necessary. These are in most cases already included in the scope of delivery.

However, there are also practical mounts that allow you to reliably attach your portable DVD player to the car seat. Also useful are special transport bags that protect your device from dust and scratches during transport.

Frequently asked questions

Ordering a portable DVD player

In the following section, we would like to answer some questions that frequently arise in connection with portable DVD players. We hope that this will make your purchase and subsequent use of the device a little easier.

How much does a portable DVD player cost??

It is not uncommon to see large price differences between different models of portable DVD players. In general, such devices can be purchased for between 50 and 200 euros. ÜHowever, the actual price is determined primarily by the picture quality, the sound quality and also the range of functions. However, the size of the display also plays a decisive role. Here it is important to find an appropriate compromise between price and performance.

Which portable DVD player is the best??

„The best there is no such thing as a portable DVD player. After all, the new device should first and foremost meet your personal requirements, which are different for each individual person.

How do I install a portable DVD player in my car??

For many portable dvd players, there are convenient mounts that allow you to easily attach your device to the headrest of a car seat. For this purpose, either a firmly screwed bracket or special pull straps, which also enable a reliable attachment, are used. In our comparison, you will also find portable DVD players that come standard with straps for attachment to a headrest.

What can I do if my portable DVD player does not play a DVD??

The more you use a DVD, the more wear and tear you will find on the disc. Scratches or fingerprints on a DVD may prevent your DVD player from reading it. In this case, the only thing that will help is a thorough cleaning. Scratches and fingerprints on the underside of the DVD can be largely removed with the aid of a microfiber cloth and special cleaning agents.

When cleaning a CD or DVD, use small and circular movements if possible. Otherwise you could make the scratches even worse. Another way to clean your dvds is with special ultrasonic devices. However, these can quickly become very expensive.

Another reason for the non-playback of your DVD could be an incompatible DVD format. In this case, you have no choice but to contact the manufacturer of your portable DVD player to find out which formats it supports.

Can i also connect a sat-receiver to my portable dvd-player?

If you have the necessary connections on your DVD player, you can also connect a satellite receiver. However, this is not the case for most of the models. It is best to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Do portable DVD players always have headphone jacks??

No, there are also portable DVD players without a headphone jack. For mobile use, however, the use of headphones is very advantageous, as you can enjoy your movies and series independently of the ambient noise.

Is there a stiftung warentest portable DVD player test??

Tips & hints

stiftung warentest last published a test of portable DVD players in january 2008 with twelve different devices. At the time, these cost between 120 and 350 euros. For the evaluation of the individual devices, stiftung warentest uses six factors, which are incorporated into the overall rating with an individual percentage weighting. These include:

  • Pictures- 30 percent
  • Handling- 20 percent
  • Sound 15 percent
  • DVB-T reception 10 percent
  • Battery-operated 10 percent
  • Versatility- 5 percent

Overall, the test results were rather average. None of the twelve tested devices makes it to a good rating. ÜThe best result was achieved by a portable DVD player from Panasonic with a rating of 2.6. Models from xoro and sony bring up the rear, with adequate and inadequate ratings of 4.5 and 4.6, respectively.

If you want to see for yourself, you can find the test of the portable DVD players of the foundation warentest here. However, the tested devices are technically not up to date. Because in the year 2022, a test from the year 2008 is very outdated in consumer electronics. If stiftung warentest publishes an up-to-date test report in the future, we will update our comparison accordingly.

Is there a test of portable DVD players fromoko test?

ÖKo test has unfortunately not yet published a test for portable DVD players. However, we always strive to keep our comparison as up to date as possible. ifoko test publishes a relevant test report in the future, you will find it here.

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