5 Tips for your car sound system

In their own four walls, many people pay attention to a good and appealing sound image. Be it the new flat-screen television or the hifi system, a good and clear sound with some bass has become very important in today’s world. As televisions get thinner and thinner, manufacturers usually don’t have the space needed for an appealing sound system.

This or something similar is also the case in most vehicles. Automakers are paying attention to modern lines and high-quality interior materials. In the cockpit of a vehicle you should ultimately feel comfortable. However, when you start the car and turn up the radio, your sound-addled ears are usually in for a bit of a shock.

Most of them are impressed by a decent sound of your home theater (see home theater system test) spoiled and now have to be satisfied with a tinny sound in your car? Surely not, because there is also a suitable sound system for your vehicle sound systems turning your car into a moving disco.

Good sound in the car – this is how it works

However, the cheap factory radio does not deliver the desired result in most cases. In addition, there are inexpensive loudspeakers. When listening to your favorite song, you deliberately don’t turn up the volume, because otherwise you’ll get earache? Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case, because for relatively little money, you can equip your mobile home with a good sound system.

When you decide to buy a new car, you can choose the equipment from the various car manufacturers. In most cases, however, a radio high-end system is not installed in the vehicle because of the high price.

If you’re not buying a porsche, which is already equipped with a good sound system integrated into your car, you have a number of options for upgrading and enhancing the sound image.

JBL Car GTO 609C (165 mm) 270 watt 2-way car hifi component speaker system

Many manufacturers offer a sound system for a surcharge, which in some cases even comes with the high-quality hifi system in the living room can be compared.

The reasons for a bad sound in a car can be traced back to the factory radio and inexpensive loudspeakers.

Before you go to a specialist garage and decide on a luxury sound system, you should first check the loudspeakers and replace the radio with higher quality versions.

A good radio you get already for under euro 100,00 and also loudspeaker of well-known manufacturers cost meanwhile no longer the world. With some vehicles, however, you might have a problem replacing the radio, because some manufacturers already hide the radio behind a modern touch display.

in such cases, you will be asked to visit the car dealer or a specialist store for hifi solutions you can’t get around. If you still have a conventional radio in your car, you can certainly get away with it for less money.

The following tips and tricks are available to you for the improvement of the sound in a vehicle:

  • exchange of the factory radio
  • New and better quality speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Amplifier
  • Installing additional speakers (hat rack)

The exchange of the radio

The werkradios usually do not have sufficient power and should be replaced if the sound quality is poor. good and solid radios you can get in the trade already for less than euro 100,00.

If, however, the radio can be operated ex works with a display, a replacement is no longer so easy and inexpensive. In such cases, you should contact the dealer and ask for a retrofit or you can make an appointment at a specialist garage that is familiar with the improvement of the hifi system in vehicles employ.

Diving the loudspeakers

To improve the sound in a vehicle, you will not get around the purchase of new speakers. you can also get them in specialized shops and for good and powerful car speakers, you have to count with a price from euro 100,00 upwards.

It may also be worthwhile to not only loudspeakers in the doors to exchange. The additional integration of further speakers, for example in the parcel shelf, provides a much better sound experience.

subwoofer and amplifier

Sinustec 2 way component speaker boxes round in 16 cm installation size for cars

You want a rich bass in your vehicle? In such cases, you will need to purchase an amplifier and/or a integrate a subwoofer into the car. However, some knowledge is necessary for this.

If you do not have these, it is advisable to consult a professional. Tests have shown that already the exchange of the loudspeakers and the radio provide a significant improvement of the sound image.

So before you choose a expensive sound system you should replace these two parts with better and more powerful ones. In very many cases, vehicle owners are already satisfied with this sound.

of course you have the possibility to redesign of the sound system in a vehicle many other options to choose from. In this regard, look at some test reports and select the speakers or radios possibly even the test winner. These usually offer a very good price-performance ratio. already for little money you can significantly improve the sound in your vehicle.


the sound system in a vehicle usually does not correspond to the wishes and ideas. With the previously mentioned five tips, however, you can easily and, in many cases, very inexpensively improve the sound in your car by.

They are already from the sound of the home theater like the models in the home theater system comparison, and would like to enjoy such a sound experience in your car as well? No problem, because in the trade you get everything necessary for a clear and lively sound in the vehicle is needed.

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