13 Clergymen for the universal church

13 Clergymen for the universal church

Pope Francis to elevate 13 clergy to cardinal rank in late November. In addition to this announcement, the head of the church spoke out against "compulsive obedience" at noon prayer and stressed the importance of charity.

Among the nominees are two senior Curia officials and several local bishops, including the archbishops of Santiago de Chile and Washington, Celestino Aos and Wilton Gregory, but also the pope's house preacher, 86-year-old Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa. The consistory for the creation of the cardinals takes place on 28. November instead.

Nine new pope electors

Nine of the candidates are younger than 80, bringing the number of cardinals eligible for papal election to 128 then. On 12. November, Donald Wuerl, archbishop emeritus of Washington, leaves the papal electorate. The total number of all cardinals will be updated as of 28. November 232 amount.

Pope against "compulsive obedience" in morality

Pope Francis has singled out charity as a measure of Christianity. Moral and religious life should not be limited to "anxious and compulsive obedience," he said at noon prayers. The church leader did not address the controversy surrounding his comments on civil same-sex partnerships.

On Saturday afternoon, a group of conservative Catholics had demanded "clarity" regarding homosexual unions with a banner and a demonstrative prayer in St. Peter's Square. In a documentary presented last week, Francis had spoken out in favor of a state legal framework for same-sex partnerships, sparking a debate within the church.

Francis stresses importance of charity

"The test of our path of conversion and holiness is always charity," pope said at Angelus prayer. "As long as we close our hearts to a brother or sister, we are still far from being disciples as Jesus wants us to be."

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