“Women's revolt” in the church

About "a women's revolt" in the Catholic Church wants to discuss the federal assembly of the lay organization "We are Church" this weekend, said the member of the federal team of the initiative, Sigrid Grabmeier.

"We are considering this weekend what a women's revolt might look like, imagination is needed. We women can do quite a lot. But we always ask the priest first. "This should stop," said the member of the federal team of the initiative, Sigrid Grabmeier, in an interview with the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" (online) on Friday. For example, women could celebrate their own services in women's groups and not ask if the pastor will join them. You could also have a service with wine and bread. "And the service then leads a normal woman. We might even find a form that is closer to the people and more honest."

Bishops should get a move on

Grabmeier emphasized that the hierarchical system of the church, supported solely by men, has outlived its usefulness. "We need commissioned, well-trained men and women who can preside over a service or lead the congregation." The assertion that only a man can be a priest is so untenable. "The bishops should slowly get their act together and look at the state of research," said Grabmeier. In the history of the church, ordination, i.e. the mission for the spiritual office, has also existed for women, for example for the head of a monastery. "And in the early church, women were church leaders. Bishops need to take note and get serious about women's ordination."

Grabmeier appealed to the bishops that "equality be implemented at least in those posts for which church law already allows it". The church must become more feminine – also to prevent abuse, he says. "If you don't open yourself up to the subject of sexuality and think you have to work everything out in the men's circle, something like this is more likely to happen."

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