Willi herren buried: this is how the funeral took place in cologne

Actors Willi Herren was a "real Jeck" during his lifetime – a fan and protagonist of Cologne Carnival. The love for his hometown was also taken up at his funeral on Wednesday morning.

"In keeping with the Cologne original, the family has decided to hold the ceremony on 5. May in Red and white to hold," announced the funeral home responsible for the funeral already on Friday.

For Cologne people are red and white – or "rut un wiess", as the color combination is called in Kolsch – more than just city colors. They are a fixed symbol for the city Cologne and were sung to many times by different bands.

The time of the funeral was also not chosen arbitrarily and was intended to reflect Herren's attachment to the city: The television star was buried at 11.11 am BURIED. Even before the funeral, the manager of his widow Jasmin Herren said: "This would fit him as a Cologne Jeck."

Willi Herren buried: The funeral service

On Wednesday morning, Herren was now buried at the Cologne Melaten Cemetery. There rest, among others, the Comedian Dirk Bach, the sex adviser Erika Berger and the folk actor Willy Millowitsch.

The funeral on Wednesday morning was a burial in the ground in a black Coffin. As can be seen in pictures of the funeral, the coffin of the Cologne man was driven to the grave in a horse-drawn carriage. The words "Bye, Ciao and see you in Willisehen" can be read on the coffin.

Willi Herren's family said goodbye at the graveside. Also shown on the footage is the Funeral service to see that some guests lit incense sticks. A musician played the trumpet.

Willi Herrens funeral supervised by public order office

Due to the Corona rules only 30 mourners allowed during the ceremony. In front of the cemetery, however, waited numerous fans to say goodbye to the Cologne.

According to t-online was also the Ordnungsamt on site to ensure compliance with the Corona rules. "Because it can get a bit more crowded at the cemetery today because of Willi Herren's funeral, we're making people aware that masks are mandatory," said an employee of the public order office.

Here's how Willi Herren's fans can express their grief

"We are very sorry that the fans cannot participate," Willi Herren's daughter Alissia Herren told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Those wishing to express their grief can do so on a digital condolence page a final greeting left behind.

The actor and pop singer Willi Herren, known from "Lindenstrabe", was on 20. April found dead in his Cologne apartment. There are no indications of an external violent impact.


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