When income is lost

When income is lost

Child labor: widespread in India © N.N.

Because parents lose their jobs and money for basic needs is lacking: the Corona crisis could lead to more child labor in developing countries, according to the missionary organization "The Star Singers".

The pandemic has cut the income of many families, the president of the Catholic Children's Fund, Dirk Bingener, said in Aachen on Tuesday. He said this exacerbates economic preres and more girls and boys have to work so their families can survive.

"Because of this plight of many poor families, the risk of sexual exploitation of children also increases," Bingener said on the occasion of the International Day Against Child Labor on Friday.

Carolers for fair wages and prices

To abolish child labor, aid agency continues to support call for supply chain law, he said. For in order to combat poverty, fair wages and prices must be paid along the entire value chain, enabling families to earn a living wage.

Products such as clothing, chocolate or coffee would be produced cheaply in part with the help of child labor. "We need binding rules for companies to respect human rights and avoid destroying the environment," Bingener said.

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