What else was decided

It's not just the White House – various social ies were also decided in the U.S. election. Same-sex marriage, allowed in California since May, may now have to be struck down again.

In California, same-sex marriage is apparently on the brink of extinction following a referendum. After incomplete results, voters narrowly approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a life union between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriage, which has been allowed in the state since May, would thus have to be abolished again.Voters in Washington state approved an initiative to legalize physician-assisted suicide. Mentally sane seriously ill patients with a life expectancy of six months or less are to be given the right to have lethal drugs prescribed by a doctor under certain conditions in the future.West Coast state becomes second state with legalized physician-assisted suicide under new law. Oregon had already passed such a measure in1997.

Anti-abortion law comes nic In referendums in South Dakota and Colorado, citizens rejected complete abortion bans. In the state of South Dakota, voters opposed an initiative to ban abortion almost entirely. Abortions would have been legal under the bill only if the pregnancy endangered the life of the pregnant woman or if the pregnancy resulted from rape. In Colorado, voters rejected an anti-abortion law that said humans should enjoy full civil and human rights from conception.In California, the Supreme Court had ruled in May, laws against same-sex marriage discriminated against gays and lesbians and violated the California Constitution. Since then, more than 10.000 same-sex couples married, as many as 18, according to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper's estimate.000. Conservative Protestant, Catholic and Mormon groups in particular fought for a ban on gay marriage.

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