What are the tasks?

What are the tasks?

Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr © Dominik Wolf (KNA)

The diocese of Erfurt wants to set up a commission to come to terms with sexual abuse of minors by clergy and church employees in its area. Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr wants to inform about the panel next week.

Next Thursday, Neymeyr wants to talk about the composition of the commission and its specific tasks, as the diocese announced on Friday. The order underlying the work of the panel should come into force with the publication of the Official Gazette in March, he said. Further details were not disclosed at first.

Archdiocese of Cologne presents expert opinion

On the same day, the Archbishop of Cologne, Rainer Maria Woelki, will present an eagerly awaited expert opinion on abuse of power. The Cologne archdiocese has been struggling for months to come to terms publicly with past cases of clergy sexual abuse.

Woelki had not allowed an initial expert opinion to be published because he considers it to be flawed and not legally sound. Now a second expert opinion is to be presented. Critics accuse the archbishop of a lack of will to clarify the situation and of poor communication.

Agreement on the reappraisal

Last June, the German Bishops' Conference was the first institution in Germany to conclude an agreement with the Federal Government Commissioner for Abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, on coming to terms with sexual abuse. Accordingly, in the future there will be independent commissions in all 27 dioceses. Representatives of the diocese, experts from science, professional practice, the judiciary and public administration, as well as those affected, are to sit on the committee.

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