“What about the glow in your eyes?”

Wim Wenders and Pope Francis © Focus Features/AP

Director Wim Wenders is disappointed with Pope Francis. "There is not much left of the energy with which Pope Francis set out to make the Church a Church for the poor," he said in an interview with "Time".

He said it was noticeable that the pope was being captured by conservative forces. "When I hear now that he wants to deny his blessing to homosexual marriages, it makes me sad. That no longer sounds like the man who said, 'Who am I to judge this?!'" said Wenders, who released a documentary about Pope Francis in 2018.

Today, he would ask the pope, "What happened to the mischievousness and the gleam in your eye, Holy Father?", said the filmmaker. "It seems to me that this man has worn himself out in his great struggle, and one senses that he now lacks strength and time."

2018: "Portrait of a courageous man"

It will take the next pope and the one after that to implement Francis' ideas. Wenders stressed that he had made a portrait of a "courageous man" in 2018 with the Pope documentary, for whom he had great respect.

"If I had made a film about the institution he represents, I'm sure it would have been very critical," said the director, who joined the Protestant Church years after leaving it. On this, Wenders explained, ""I first had to make a big detour, even via atheism, to find my way back to the faith and join the church. But then the Protestant."

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