West sahara: morocco in the dispute with germany

West Sahara: Morocco in the dispute with Germany

"Free Sahara". Protests in Donostia-San Sebastian. Photo: Ralf stretch

The Federal Government is worried about the situation in the occupied territory and hold on the referendum solution in the context of the United Nations, the Morocco leaves

The Moroccan government is not pleased that the Federal Government declares on a small request in the Bundestag to the West Sahara question, among other things:

"Also, the Federal Government is aware of reports, after which an administrative disadvantage to the criminal persecution of persons, which pronounce openly against the Moroccan Soveranity entitlement."

That in the answer to the small request from member of parliament of the faction DIE LINKE, the Telepolis exists, also attached: "The federal government observes this with concern", Will not please the autocratic regime.

Berlin ignores Donald Trump’s political step, which means the Moroccan government a lot. The Fruhere US Prasident succeeded in succumbing the Soveranity Morocco over the illegally occupied West Sahara shortly before his departure. And this has been done so far, unlike other prefabric, from Joe Biden.

The Federal Government, on the other hand, will continue to be a territory in the West Sahara as a separate territory. Berlin continues to focus on the United Nations (UN) to become one on the basis of the succession resolutions of the security council "Right, practicable, permanent and for all sides acceptable solution of the conflict" under "Attention of humanitarian rights and human rights" get.

The Left Deputies, Sevim Dagdelen, who stands as a chairman in the sustainable committee featherprotend behind the request, explained opposite Telepolis:

"The Federal Government must not acknowledge the continuing vorecrechegic legislation of Western Sahara by Morocco and not give the prere from Rabat."

Because Morocco also wants Germany "Bring Trump Course". In a letter, the Moroccan Divian Minister Nasser Bourita had asked the Government members at the beginning of the week to cancel all relations with the German Embassy in Rabat.

"Any contacts, interactions or cooperations with the German Embassy in Morocco and with the German cooperation facilities and foundations associated with it are under all circumstances and in any form."

Notes on what the anger of Rabat has concretely excited, Bourita did not give. He only speaks of "Deep misunderstandings in basic questions". That the Federal Government at a referendum on the independence of the Western Sahara retention and worried about the situation in the occupied area, was allowed to "Misunderstandings" belong.

However, the Federal Government, however, continues to see no reason for an influence of good diplomatic relations with Morocco and had meanwhile asked the Moroccan ambassador in Berlin to an urgent conversation and exploring the process.

The fact that Morocco is also touched by the Federal Government with velvet gloves criticized Dagdelen:

"If the Konigreich is to focate with business agreements and a privileged partnership, it must finally be actively advocated that the UN referendum on the future of the West Sahara does not block by Morocco and undermine by the marketing independent settlement of part of one’s own population in the occupied territories will."

It refers to the fact that the Sahrauis, who fled to a good part in front of the occupiers in Wissen camp, has been waiting for the fact that the UN Mission (Minurso) after the Weapon Still of 1991 with the Liberation Front Polisario the in the Arresting Agreement agreed referendum over the independence organized. Morocco has always left this and also a rough number of Moroccan burger was settled in the West Sahara.

In the request, it is spoken that the "Ethnic structure due to escape, expulsion and population exchange in consequence of the vorer rightlight occupation of the Western Sahara has changed by Morocco, so as to undermine the list of identified voters completed in 2000 in a referendum. This does not contribute the Federal Government in agreement. You are known that "has since 1976 a significant number of Moroccan State Burgiers and State Burger in the areas of West Sahara".

In view of the advances in the last 40 years and in the face of the stable Moroccan provocations, the Sahrauis tore the patience’s thread last November. After Morocco did militarically against a strain block in the demilitarized zone, the Polisario resumed the armed fight again.

The Strain, via the resources from the Western Sahara to Mauritania, was not allowed to give it. Although it now returns to war and there are reports of human rights verstobe in the occupied territory, the federal government remains inactive. If you are eliminating quickly to help sanctions, it explains in relation to Morocco:

"The Federal Government has not taken any initiatives for the consideration of sanctions related to the West Saharaconflact in the EU."

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