“We will implement the measures”

"Listening to those affected – preventing abuse" is the name of the abuse reappraisal project in the Limburg diocese. 70 experts discussed consequences of the 2018 bishops' conference abuse study in it.

The diocese of Limburg presented the results of the "Listen to those affected – prevent abuse" reappraisal project in Frankfurt's Paulskirche on Saturday. The principals, Bishop Georg Batzing and Ingeborg Schillai, president of the diocesan assembly, jointly presented a copy of the 415-page final report to Martin Schmitz, representing those affected, with a promise to do everything possible to ensure that nothing like this could ever happen again.

"We will implement the measures," promised Batzing. "We owe this to the people affected."

Facing up to responsibility together

On behalf of the diocese, since September 70 experts had discussed consequences of the abuse study of the Catholic German Bishops' Conference from 2018. They listened to those affected, examined personnel files and worked out a total of 61 measures
against sexual violence and abuse of power. "The results of the study cry out for us to finally take effective action against sexual abuse in the church and against its cover-up," Schillai said.

In the diocese of Limburg, clergy and laity shared this responsibility due to the synodal structure of the diocese. For the time being, this includes an independent diocesan commission for three years. An appointee of the bishop will be appointed to coordinate the activities.

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