Very touching in these times

Very touching in these times

Money in the hand © Cilinskas (shutterstock)

They still exist, the noble donors who do good in secret and want to remain unrecognized: Now the Hildesheim auxiliary bishop Heinz-Gunter Bongartz has found in his private mailbox an anonymous donation of 4.000 euros found.

An envelope of 2.000 euros was labeled "diocese" and another envelope was also labeled 2.000 euros with the word "seminary", as the diocese announced on Monday.

"That was really a big surprise for me when I saw that," Bongartz said, thanking the anonymous donor. This extraordinary support in these times is very touching, he said.

Not the first anonymous donation

"We will discuss how we can use the money in a good way," said the auxiliary bishop.

Already in 2018, the diocese had received a large anonymous donation, according to its own information. In the Holy Week a sexton found in a donation stele of the Hildesheim cathedral 10.000 euros, packed in two envelopes. The donation was intended for the upkeep of the bishop's church.

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