“Unjustly not criticized”

Member of the advisory board of the Protestant church demands better processing of sexualized violence © Julia Steinbrecht (KNA)

A member of the Protestant Church's advisory council for victims has criticized the way sexualized violence is dealt with. The publicly cited figure of 900 documented cases of abuse is "not even the tip of the iceberg".

Panel member Katharina Kracht accused the Protestant Church of "always pointing the finger at Catholics". She told the "Kolnische/Bonner Rundschau" (Saturday) that the Catholic Church is rightly criticized "and the Protestant Church is wrongly not criticized," Kracht said. The church is far behind in coming to terms with sexualized violence.

Kracht called for an independent ombudsman's office that should not be staffed by church employees: "The church cannot, so to speak, work itself up."The advisory board also needs much better equipment and professional legal advice.

Affected parties' advisory council met for the first time in September

In the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), an independent research network is investigating structures and patterns of sexualized violence and abuse in a three-year study. The victims' advisory council met for the first time in September last year.

He was appointed by the EKD to involve victims of sexualized violence in the church in projects for processing, compensation and prevention. The committee is to advise as a counterpart the EKD Council of Representatives on the subject of abuse, in which clergy and church lawyers sit.

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