Union ii gets “only” one win from two games

Union ii gets 'only' one win from two games

The hoped for total yield from two home games of the table tennis regional league team SV Union Salzgitter II remained wishful thinking at the weekend. The Solters sent SV Broitzem home with the 9:0 maximum penalty, but the second guest presented itself much more resilient and the game against the strongly upgraded newcomer TuS Neudorf-Platendorf even ended with a 7:9 defeat.

However, the personnel requirements differed considerably for the third-placed team in the table in both matches. While the Wegner sextet against Broitzem could still fall back on its best formation, was missing against the Heidedorfler in addition to top man Henrik Fahlbusch also Yakup Kaplan.

SV Union Salzgitter II – SV Broitzem 9:0. Just three sentences allowed the Solter the guest appeared with complete band. "The victory could have been even higher after the sets if I hadn't missed a match point in the third set against Christian Ehrlich at 10:9," reported Florian Wegner with a mischievous smile, adding, "So I needed two more sets for the victory."Fahlbusch and Kaplan were no less careless in conceding the third set to the Broitzem duo Andre Sowade/Michael Fowler, before making short work of them in the fourth set with 11:4. "I expected a clear success, but that it turned out so clearly, surprised us already," summarized Captain Wegner.

Points for SV Union II: Stefan Knoblauch/Pascal Ludolph, Fahlbusch/Kaplan, Darius Schon/Wegner, Fahlbusch, Schon, Kaplan, Knoblauch, Wegner, Ludolph

SV Union Salzgitter II – TuS Neudorf-Platendorf 7:9. The guests from the Heath community of 2800 inhabitants hired another Moldovan as a reinforcement in early November, young Danu Sofroni. This commitment showed its effect as well as those of his compatriots Danila Titov and Maxim Urugurean. The trio from the small EU country almost single-handedly ensured the success of the guests with 7.5 points.

Nevertheless, a draw or even more could have resulted for the Solters in the three-hour exchange of blows, but Florian Wegner stumbled in the final phase of the decisive set 10:12 over Jan Bosenick. "On a normal day I would have won against the defender for sure. I just made too easy mistakes," fretted the Union captain. The final doubles match was no different for Knoblauch and Ludolph, who stumbled over the Moldovan pairing of Titov/Urugurean in the final round despite a 9-6 cushion. "Overall, though, we can't complain about this. With two substitutes, we simply couldn't do any more," commented Wegner, who expressly emphasized that he had controlled the new 2G rules.

points for the SV Union II: Knoblauch/Ludolph, Schon, Wegner, Ludolph (2),Cedric Jackmann, Scheer.

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