Under new leadership

Under new leadership

St. Paul's Cathedral in Munster, Germany © Jorg Loeffke (KNA)

Lawyer Peter Frings becomes new sexual abuse intervention officer in Munster diocese. He is to intervene when suspicions and reports concern honorary, part-time or full-time employees of the diocese.

From April, the lawyer will begin his work, as the diocese announced in Munster on Monday. Frings will support aggrieved parties in proceedings and organize all measures to deal with possible cases of abuse, he said. He is also the contact person for parishes in which there have been or still are cases of abuse.

Legal advisor at the Diocesan Caritas Association of Munster

After completing his legal clerkship at the Kleve District Court, Frings joined the Diocesan Caritas Association of Munster as a legal assistant in 1986. He has been the city's legal adviser since 1999 and has headed the "Law and Economy" department since 2005. In particular, Frings advised Caritas institutions on socio-legal ies.

From 1997 to 2017 he was chairman of the Vinzenzwerk Handorf. In that role, he faced abuse allegations dating back to the 1950s in 2010. The lawyer is married, has three children and lives in Munster.

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