Uefa bans rainbow colors in baku and st. Petersburg

Uefa bans rainbow colors in baku and st. Petersburg

In the fight for Respect, tolerance and equality the European Football Union (Uefa) has folded once again. Among other things, the continental federation banned its European Championship sponsor Volkswagen from appearing at Friday's quarterfinal matches in St. Petersburg and on Saturday in Baku to use the last advertising banners in rainbow colors. On Friday in Munich and Saturday in Rome, however, they should come into play.

Sponsor VW regrets association's decision

"Due to concerns raised by Uefa with regard to the legal framework at the venues in Russia and Azerbaijan, the association has informed us that playing on the advertising boards in rainbow colors is not permitted in St. Petersburg and Baku was not possible," Volkswagen announced on Friday, stressing, "We regret this development." Once again one has a "clear Signs per diversity" want to put.

Last week, the Uefa had given the City of Munich forbids to let the arena light up in the rainbow colors at the match between Germany and Hungary. In cancelling, it referred to its regulations, which state that it is a non-political association. The city of Munich wanted to set an example, after Hungary had earlier ied an internationally criticized Law to prevent information about homosexuality had said goodbye.

Following the decision against Munich's plans, Uefa had a Replacing the advertising boards of several EM sponsors approved. Rainbow colors were seen on them during the round of 16 matches. Baku and St. Petersburg, however, were in the first c.o.-Round no venues.

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