Thorough investigation

The Jesuit order has appointed a new, external commissioner to clarify abuse cases at Bonn's Aloisius College. Julia Zinsmeister, a professor at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, takes charge of the new investigation at the school in the Bad Godesberg district of Berlin,

Provincial Stefan Dartmann announced on Thursday in Munich, thus the German order management follows a recommendation of the Federal Commissioner for the processing of sexual child abuse, Christine Bergmann, it was said. The Aloisiuskolleg had asked Bergmann for the nomination of a suitable person. According to the information, Zinsmeister is supported by the lawyer Petra Ladenburger and the pedagogue Inge Mitlacher. The exact procedures of this team are still being discussed.The impetus for the appointment of an external commissioner for the Aloisius College had been given by the abuse commissioner of the Jesuit Order, Ursula Raue, in her final report, which was publicly presented at the end of May. In it, it had acknowledged that its investigation into the events at the Bonn school had not led to a satisfactory result. Raue had suggested a more exact investigation at the Aloisiuskolleg by a new, external team. Six perpetrators and 30 victims At the Aloisiuskolleg in Bonn, there had already been an internal school interim report in April. This ames six Jesuit fathers as perpetrators and 30 victims for the period from 1946 to 2005. The Bonn public prosecutor's office is investigating a now 82-year-old priest who was a school principal for many years. According to Raues' final report, the Jesuit order in Germany systematically covered up sexual abuse and violence against children in its institutions.

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