“This is bound to be a spiritual classic”

Cardinal Pell sat in prison for 400 days until he was acquitted of abuse charges. He has now written a book about his time behind bars.

Cardinal George Pell wants to reflect in a prison diary on his life in prison, the Catholic Church, his work at the Vatican, politics, society and sports. The first volume of the 1.According to media reports over the weekend, the diary, which is to consist of some 000 pages, is to be published in 2021 by the American publishing house Ignatius Press.

Ignatius Press calls on its homepage for donations for the payment of the lawyer and court costs of the cardinal. "I have already read the first half of the diary and it is extraordinary. This is bound to be a spiritual classic. Because the entire diary about 1.000 pages, we will publish it in three or four volumes," Ignatius Press editor-in-chief Father Joseph Fessio, SJ, announced on the publisher's homepage.

He served 400 days in detention

Cardinal Pell (79) was released from prison in April after his acquittal following 400 days in jail. In the appeal ruling, Australia's highest court, following the principle of "in doubt for the accused," found there was insufficient evidence to support allegations of sexual abuse of boys by Cardinal Pell.

Pell had previously been sentenced to six years in prison. "This was not just the victory of one man. And also not that of the church in Australia. It has shown the whole world how far the enemies of the Church go and how deceitful they are in order to discredit her," wrote Father Fessio. Cardinal Pell had always maintained his innocence.

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