There is a real alternative to germany

There is a real alternative to Germany

Surveys like the PolitBarometer show that the conditions in Germany are concreted

Whether surveys play the mood in the people at a time, is questionable. Already we have been pursuing apparent trends, though not as finely detailed as weather reports due to numerous single quantities. Actually, we do not pursue the mood and opinion in the country about samples, but survey results themselves have become part of the political environment, which sometimes reacts to themselves.

It may be interesting as the current polit barometer shows that a society can immunize against change. Actually, nothing has happened for a long time. In the Sunday questions, the condition is always high that ultimately only a shrunken "Rough coaltion" or a Jamaica coalition government ware. There are the values for the parties to go 1 or 2 points up or down, but on the overall constellation, however, nothing has changed for months.

One could say people seem to be faithful to their political conviction, even if the parties are trying to persuade themselves due to the election results and the surveys to adapt to their clientel or. Wahler / sympathizers to capture better. So there should be dynamics that will totle through continuing self-exploration. But there is a standstill.

The ZDF reports one "Behavior consent to the coalition". They find 45 percent good, 38 percent not, 15 percent have no opinion. Behavior so that there is no majority for the Groko. Amazing, that Angela Merkel itself continues to be guaranteed. 55 percent will find their re-election well. But for what she is, remains in the dark. You can guess you benefits that you are not attributable to any adventure with all boredom that radiates you that is guaranteed.

More importantly, it was allowed to be that there is no alternative to Merkel. The most popular politicians – Wolfgang Schauble and Sigmar Gabriel – were deported in the away. They are manner, behind which Merkel slipped in the background. SPD Wursel Man Martin Schulz has talked out. Nobody has fulfilled what is also allowed to lie on the survey if Cem ozdemir should be the fourth-led politician, followed by Seehofer and Wagenknecht, which should be relatively little popular.

Spahn has made the mood wrong

It is interesting that Jens Spahn has inflated a wrong barrel. One will remember that Westerwelle has tried at the beginning of the Black Yellow Government as a similar to profiling by calling him the rich, but the Hartz IV receptioners as luxury recipients of a powerless income. Although this corresponded to the FDP ideology, but did not get well. The thesis of Spahn that Hartz-IV is sufficient for life, just 37 percent, while 70 percent say, poverty is a coarse problem in Germany, and 82 percent that the scissors ran away between arm and rich further. Apparently, the Union candidate has calculated itself for the next generation, which also meant that his star is already sinking.

Unspossibly, the Germans obviously find themselves between the grossworks and their leaders who are on conflict course. There is a majority of 53 percent poorly when Putin is chubed back to the prasident, which will actually happen. But because of Putin’s politics, 53 percent less German concern than with the policy of Donald Trump. Those find 82 percent.

This was also allowed to cooperate that Putin’s power policy has been relatively understandable about recent years, even if a first military abroad is made in Syria. Russia seems more likely to react, during the US and the NATO dominated by it, and has also increased military in front of Trump and the influence zone has increased to the boundaries of Russia. That now the impulsive narcist trump is given more concerns, is surprised out of this story.

Anyway, there are apparently in Germany as well as in other countries no real alternative. Although the AFD had a good idea with the naming, but can not convince German Germans to really be an alternative. Dafur is the most Germans despite the suggested escape catastrophe and the "State failure" too good, still the party also fights with the National Social and Economic Libertarem.

So what the Germans want after the surveys? No alternative, but a further-so. Boring, Bieder, Welfare, Implementing Changes, How Trump Building Walls. This has no future, is not a future, can only fail. Who wants to get only, instead of riding, will be ubooted by history. Driven by the AFD one seems to prefer the option of unignation in the other parties. There is a lack of alternative for Germany.

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