There is a need to talk

There is a need to talk

Young people during the deliberations of the synodal assembly on 31. January 2020 © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

The criticism of Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of the reform dialogue Synodal Way may be a topic of the five regional conferences on Friday. The press spokesmen for the synodal path now.

On Wednesday, Voderholzer had accused authors of a working paper on the subject of women and the church of having violated appointments. Thus, he said, parts of the text had been published that should have been discussed beforehand. The passages also contained a "one-sided falsified biblical theology," according to Vorderholzer's criticism.

In the regional conferences discuss

In response to a question from the Catholic News Agency (KNA), the spokespersons for the Synodal Way stressed that Vorderholzer's points would have to be "addressed and clarified together" in the corresponding forum on the subject of women and the Church itself. The presidium of the Synodal Way is concerned with clear and transparent procedures at all levels of deliberation. Factual ies could be discussed on Friday "in the regional conferences, if they are raised there".

By his own admission, Voderholzer was not formally involved in the drafting process: "I protest against this procedure," he wrote. And further emphasized that he did not hope the working paper would serve to steer participants in a certain direction. He also opposes the style of argumentation, "which lacks any theological level".

With meetings in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Ludwigshafen and Munich, the Synodal Way to the Future of Church Life in Germany continues its work on Friday. Because of the pandemic, the synodal assembly, which was actually scheduled for the beginning of September, was postponed for about half a year.

Consequences of the pandemic the main topic

A substantive focus is on the consequences of the pandemic. On Friday afternoon also debates on the topics of women as well as sexuality are on the program. Nothing will be decided there, however, because that can only happen at a synodal assembly.

One goal of the initiative launched by the bishops and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) is to regain trust after the abuse scandal. The form of dialogue between lay people and bishops, which is unique in the Catholic Church, was originally planned to last two years and, according to current plans, will last until February 2022.

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