The taste of latin america in wolfsburg-nordsteimke

The taste of latin america in wolfsburg-nordsteimke

Stimulating. Black. A cup Coffee, The women served coffee prepared in the same way as in Germany at the stands at Roberto Espinoza's house in Halle on Saturday Nordsteimke.

The choice is difficult: In the Coffee and chocolate exhibition, which is also open on Sunday, serves coffee from Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico. In addition, there are delicious cakes unknown in this country. Optionally, a hot, hand-prepared could be Chocolate to be drunk.

In the garage, a small exhibition shows how these products are of Latin America produced and in what variety they are offered. There are the ready-made products: black men's chocolate, white chocolate, variations with nougat, berries, nuts. A short tour leads through the different stages of extraction: from the plants on plantations, the Harvest by farmers in traditional costumes about the roasting and grinding of coffee.

At Steinbeker Strasse 68, everything revolves around coffee and chocolate

The meaning of Cocoa and chocolate are another chapter. Plus the ingredients: vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, sweet pepper, cloves. And special features: Clothing with jewelry made of chocolate, sex and chocolate. A German sign says: "Kaffee geht immer" (coffee always goes).

Alone Brazil exports 1.5 million annually Tons. So coffee is vital for Latin America. And more than stimulating: healthy. Antioxidants protect the cells, other ingredients the liver. In the morning, people in Latin America prefer to drink coffee – even from porcelain. Mexican service has exhibited Espinoza.

Wolfsburger would like to found a Latin America museum

He hopes that "this will be my last exhibition," because after many presentations Roberto Espinoza would finally like to have a permanent museum. A "Casa de las Americas", a house of the Americas, if possible in Wolfsburg. "But I also give my collection to Gifhorn, Peine or Helmstedt."

Wolfsburg's mayor Dennis Weilmann had ared him of help, VW boss Herbert Diess praised his initiative. "He speaks Spanish," Espinoza says, showing a selfie of him with VW CEO.

Latin American corn pockets and potato balls in Nordsteimke

This weekend's event will not only be about coffee and chocolate, but about the rich Latin American culture. bags filled with corn served by the women, alternatively potato balls with rice, vegetables or meat. These are also products of America. In Santa Ana, located in Espinoza's homeland Ecuador, chocolate was drunk already 3300 before Christ.

The Coffee and chocolate exhibition in the Steinbeker Strabe 68 in Nordsteimke is on Sunday, 24. October, open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. On Saturday, 30. October, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Sunday, 31. October, again from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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