The system is the error

Schlingensief ride on MTV subway

Halleluja, the moderator-based Christoph Schlingensiefs is apparently imminent. First signs of this threatening transformation from the control provoker to the TV quassel head was now on MTV to see, in a show titled "U 3000", which the 40-year-old has staged in a subway rolling through Berlin. And continued on its own mesh with enthusiasts of the unusual way; Among other things, with the decision-making genocode of Rudolf Scharping.

Where the word staging on the actual TV show does not quite true. Because the power of facts proved to be strong in the double sense: on the final TV catch, on the one hand, the transmitter MTV decides solely, which then cut the recorded material to more than half the half. And on the other, the drain developed so chaotic that even the sling sister costumed and stormy Halleluja calling as a guru lost the overview and probably horribly horrified the channel changed.

It was played here only with things, as you can see daily on TV. Especially in shows that with the cumbers of the occurring candidates Bose. Motto: When cried is that only good for the quota. And because that’s the case, Schlingensief now set a top of it, for example with an allegedly real live circuit to the dying bed of a man who then got Hellwig by the Stargast Margot and Maria Hellwig, that it is worthwhile to continue.

Without a doubt perverse, but still a provocation that meets because it is consistently blosing the methods and thinking of the cynical TV makers. But also a dangerous gaming for Schlingensief, whose handling of the invited and difficult-to-fate Berlin family itself sometimes had a cynical. And if this impression should be created in accordance with the shortfang shown by MTV, then this was Schlingensief’s parole law that the system was the mistake. But who goes to the TV system, which is known to be around – or will stop moderator. Halleluja!

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