The presumption of innocence applies

The presumption of innocence applies

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The public prosecutor's office in Munster has dropped the case against a former leading priest in the district of Steinfurt. According to the diocese of Munster, the investigations do not offer sufficient reason to file a lawsuit.

He said this also establishes for the diocese that the accusations made by another priest have no criminal significance and that the presumption of innocence applies. According to the media, a priest had reported his former superior for sexual assault.

However, allegations and observations are being investigated

According to the diocese of Munster, however, there are now indications that are relevant for a possible future deployment of the priest. "It's about accusations and observations that clearly contradict the prevention guidelines of the diocese," said the intervention officer of the diocese, Peter Frings.

This information would be discussed with the person concerned in the near future. "Even if it is not a matter of criminal law, these are incidents that need to be clarified." Therefore, a preliminary investigation under canon law had been initiated.

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