The homecoming of the war

A drone fleet slowly takes control of the airspace of the US

Expolicist Christopher Dorner, whose murder series on police officers decreased the well-known search campaign in the history of California (Last Away Amok), seemed to have delivered a welcome pretext for further militarization of the American security apparatus before his dubious flame dodes. Dorner was obviously the first American who became a target object of the same surveillance drums, which also at Washington "Was on terror" In the Middle East.

The hot picture cameras of the drones set "The only hope" Dar to spur Dorner in the rough sands of the Californian mountains, a police officer explained: "On the ground, however, it’s like the search for the needle in haystack." The use of unnamonedly monitoring aircraft in the hunt for the ex-cop, the incident to a "Domestic terrorists" was explained, also confirmed the customs and border resistance of the USA. Whose spokesman Ralph Desio explained in many ways, his authority is "driving in the domestic use of drones in the context of law enforcement." This is all he is currently saying thirst, so desio. So far, drones were used at marginal protection. The police chief of the district Riverside responded to the award journalist inquiries, the police set "all the funds available".

The monitoring options resulting in the follow-up of the US drone fleet were significantly facilitated such investment actions in the US themselves. The public discussion also revolves around the weapon’s use in unmanned flight systems, as practiced by the US militar in Pakistan or Yemen. So dear about the news channel CNN discuss the drone-stoked weapons approach against domestic terrorists. The publicist Glen Greenwald summarized the logic of this reasoning together:

If a monitoring drone determines its [DORNERS] location, then the life of security officials and civilians should be risked during attempt to arrest this through-trained warrior? Should not be sent to an armed drone as soon as its whereabouts was determined to just dead him? … what danger was grown out of simply to fire a lightfire rocket where he was scored? … what would be wrong or dangerous about this domestic terrorist "drone", Even if he does not make a dead resistance?

Glenn Greenwald

What Greenwald reflects here is the convimate military logic of collateral damage. It is worthwhile to risk the life of police officers to give the Policeman Dorner to a rule of law? Or should the legislative standards continue to be softened to the same and without judicial process remotely-controlled, as the technical possibilities are now given to this? These postdemocratic thoughts, which negate all the rule of law achievements of the past centuries, do not seem to many discurators than the rough civilizational dam break, as they already have an American "War against terror" initiated tendency only consistently continued.

The carrying out of death drums will not appear in Germany as the rough legislative taboo break, but as a small step, because they are already being used abroad – even against US burger. The Obama Administration has pledged the targeted totung of Americans beyond all right-hand standards in the context of anti-terrorist struggle. In this context, Greenwald points to the broad public infection of the US-American Extra-Cleaned Totung Anwar Awlaki during a drone input in the northern Yemen "without procedure and based on dusk" (the USA have "the right and the obligation", Terror-shaped worldwide to hunt and dead).

Awlaki was accused of the US resistant to be part of the terror network Al Qaeda. But it is by no means clear that a arrest of Awlakis was not possible, so Greenwald. Likewise, Dorner "rough risk" For Americans is a Alwaki. The only difference between the two American "Terrorist" is therefore that one has been turned off in Yemen, while in Dorner has been used in domestic goods. The drone war Washington was so back.

Automation of war carrying in the crisis areas and as a result of the crisis

The debate for the introduction of killer drones in the US takes place at a time in which the automation of permanent war driving of the West in the economic and political collapse areas of the Global Sudens is sustainably forced. Due to the increasing state resolution tendencies in North Africa and the corresponding rise of Islamist militias, Washington rejuvenates the construction of a drone base in Niger (Pentagon sets up Drohnen-Stutzpunkt in Niger). First, the drones should carry out pure declaration flows, but the responsible US bodies did not want to remain the use of armed passenger access, should the "Threat" intensify. It seems that the killer drones follow the destabilization battle, which are always new regions in the opposite crisis "Third World" take.

The opposite drone war is also a sign that the crisis is now recognized by the centers of the capitalist world system. With the forcization of the inserts unmanned aerial flights, enormous cost savings can be realized in military interventions. It is precisely the upcoming crisis-related shortnesses in the US militar budget, which further promote the automation of the war. The number of unmanned flight access owned by the Pentagon has increased from less than 200 in 2002 to the meanwhile 7500, while expenditure from 284 million in 2000 to four billion in 2012 rise. The worldwide drone market will increase its volume of currently $ 7.5 billion to 11 billion in 2022, the costs also play an important role. An Atomics MQ-9 Reaper Drone (Predator B) costs $ 37 million, the new F-35 combat jet between $ 100 and 230 million US dollars.

These high-tech jets are simplently overdimensioned for the evidence of territorial networks originating from state merge. The American drone strategy is therefore "successfully", Because these killer drones are used in asymmetric wars against a post-state enemy, which is characterized by the increasing collapse of state structures in the so-called "Third World" Awaken – and therefore a durable air defense can no longer afford, for which the slower unmanned flight access were a light destination.

There are thus objective crisis-related factors, such as savings and increasing political destabilization in the periphery of the capitalist world system, which drove to expand the US drone program. Meanwhile, there is an effort to form a legal over construction for this practice of targeted totters. In the conversation, a kind of special court is to control the totung practice. This Death Committee should miss the previous practice a constitutional paint. With the appearance of a juvenity of the rule of law, however, the acceptance for this approach – the targeted state tottion of suspicious – increased. In addition, there is an establishment of official structures and procedures that were then expanded. They were able to find in domestically when it should be about "legal" Frame for the use of killer drugs in the US.

Almost constant monitoring gross areas

The use of monitoring drones has already legalized the US Congress in February 2012 (US drone industry published Code of Conduct). The prospect that artificial "Thousands of drones are patrolled in US airspace, calls that "Ghost a big-Brother government spawning in Hinterhofen and bedrooms", So the news agency AP summarized the increasing opposition opposite the monitoring plans in the USA. In the meantime, legal novels have been launched in around 15 states or coarse dates, which should either ban the use of monitoring drums or severely confront.

The logistical basis for this homecoming of the drone war is nevertheless built in the United States. In the meantime, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has applied for 81 Cities and other public institutions in the US to the use of drones in the Federal Ministry of the Bundes. This will enable the police apparatus of the relevant city, "a nearly constant monitoring" to accomplish from coarse areas:

Even the smallest drones can transport tons of surveillance guards, from video cameras, high hot image devices, up to GPS trackers and dependers for mobile phones. You can now also be equipped with advanced radar systems, cameras for license plates and face recognition cameras. And … it can use military monitoring systems such as Gigapixel technology can be used to pursue people or vehicles across the whole city.


Thus, a militar technique proven in the laws of military products seems to find their way back to their country of origin. The crisis-related increase in violence and in particular sliding in the United States – such as in Chicago – allowed these new techniques of monitoring and totging the path. The reaction of the security apparatus on the increasing social crisis distortions in the US was therefore not in perspective not distinguished from the procedure in the global Suden. Nevertheless, this policy will remain ineffective, as in both cases the consequences of impoverishment resulting from the system crisis of the capitalism collaborating to his advamation, with military means "revamped" be.

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