“The dilapidated house of islam

Half-moon on the top of a minaret of the Ditib central mosque in Cologne © Oliver Berg

Sociologist and migration researcher Ruud Koopmans has lamented German society's indifference to undesirable developments in Islam. Moreover, liberal forces deserved more support from the German public.

“The disinterest in the oppression of religious minorities, apostates, women and homosexuals in the Islamic world is staggering,” the Berlin-based scholar told the Tagesspiegel newspaper (Monday). There is “a strong tendency in politics and in the media to deny the importance of religion to these problems,” he added.

Support reform-minded Muslims

On Monday, Koopmans' new book “The dilapidated house of Islam” was published. The religious causes of bondage, stagnation and violence.”.

While there is no such thing as "Islam," the researcher went on to explain that the problems mentioned also have a religious dimension. Therefore, he said, it is important to support reform-minded Muslims in Germany and in Islamic countries. "These liberal forces deserve much more support from the German public."They have not had an easy time so far, he said, because they are being fought by the major established Islamic associations in Germany as well.

"I am not criticizing Islam as a world religion"

He is "not Islamophobic, but critical of Islam," Koopmans said. "I am not criticizing Islam as a world religion. I criticize the rise of fundamentalism in the Islamic world over the past 40 years."

1979 was a crucial year for the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, he said, with the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the attack on the Great Mosque in Mecca and the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. This, they say, is "the reason why Islamic countries have fallen deeper and deeper into crisis".

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