The cuddly prasident campaign

Howard Dean wins the internet for itself – but this is enough to take the wife house?

In the US, the election campaign started wife house. In the first ballot at the beginning of the next year, the Wahler registered for the Democrats must first decide who they want to compete against Bush. Most headlines makes the former governor of Vermont Howard Dean with his internet campaign.

Howard Dean can currently book a success after another for itself. The surveys see him as candidates with the large growth rates. He gathered more donations in the second quarter than any of his competitors. And he dominates the headlines whenever it comes to innovative election campaign. Reason for this is not least that his campaign uses the internet far more creative than its competitors. So have more than 63.000 Supporters on the online platform Meetup.Com together with monthly Dean-Stammtisch. At the end of the week, the 200 registered.000th sympathizer on Deans website.

In the center of the campaign, however, is the Weblog There Deans staff daily in blog-typical manner Short entrance to the current state of the campaign, linking articles from the daily press and telling ankdotes of the last campaign performances. Dean is also personal. The readers comment on the contributed flamming and use the blog for their own discussions and suggestions. Just this openness and the unconventional style seem to arrive. One of the readers said briefly: "This is by far the cuddly prassidal campaign I have ever seen."

Of newcomers and old rabbits

"Many people who come to our site have never been guided by a blog", explains Mathew Gross as head of the Internet campaign. Meanwhile, some of these newcomers had already founded their own blogs to support Howard Deans. In total, according to Gross more than 60 such unofficial Dean blogs. "Blog authors present an important reserve for us", So big against Telepolis.

Sympathies for Dean also develop the classic weblog community. Thus, the net-known blogger and copyright expert Lawrence Lessig invited the candidate past week, for a few days as a guest blogger on Lessig.organs. Lessig’s readers, however, were first skeptical. Seth Finkelstein even believed in dealing with Deans with the products of an automated script. Other anticipated evidence, the candidate was discussed with you detailed over long aspects of the Digital Millenium Copyright Acts (DMCA).

But instead of giving wisdom about the status of the information society, Dean would rather ask questions. So he wanted to know about Lessig’s master audience, what exactly they have to rave about the ruling copyright legislation. Some readers actually love their Slashdot’s request aside and stressed examples, which also understands a politician – such as the electronic electoral machines (the problem with the electronic electoral systems and American democracy), whose lack of the DMCA nobody is allowed to examine more precisely.

A campaign only for woman?

Howard Dean was also aware of whether Lessig’s readers in WiFi technology saw a possibility to overcome digital division. This could become a problem for Dean himself. His internet-trimmed campaign mainly achieves the seventh middle class. According to the US Treasury Ministry, around 60 percent of all sixty Americans are online, but only about 32 percent of all Latinos and 40 percent of all black ones. In addition, Dean comes from one of the fences of all US states. The problem has now been recognized by Deans campaign line. First attempts to address at least those already active in the network Latino community more targeted, but still stuck in their infancy.

After all, Dean can be booked to put Mabstabe with his internet campaign. Meanwhile, the previously very static online protrogs of his democratic competitor. So Joe Lieberman and Dennis Kucinich can be crafted for their web prasence. To blogforamica.COM can not trade the offers – Kucinich missing visitors, Lieberman the possibilities for interaction. Professional bloggers also do not know both, which is why there is only a new entry every few days. Finally, Deans have competitors and even George W. Bush the Meetup.COM platform for yourself discovered. But Deans Supporter are there by far the biggest group. Bush’s stem tables should even be flopped.

Maybe even established positions can not be marketed so well as part of a grass root campaign. Dean, on the other hand, also profiles itself politically as an outdoor manager. He agreed against the Iraq war and will not mude to criticize his own party for their government loyalty during the past few months. An unconventional campaign style, which overlooks many views of an autonomous basis of UBERS network organizing appendages, fits well with the image of the rebel, which is already working on its website "People Powered Howard" Celebrate.

Dean has already indicated, after a possible election victory over George W. To take Bush elements from his campaign to the official government policy. So he explained to the question of a Lessig reader, if it was a blog with him as a prasident.Whitehouse.Gov was given, prompt: "Why not?"

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