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Jurgen Domian is something like the "talk king" of the night. On WDR, he spoke to about 18 over the past 13 years.000 people. Now his debut novel "The Day the Sun Disappeared" has been published. On this site he talks about the questions of guilt and atonement, how man finds forgiveness in religion and why life can be a constant struggle.

"The Day the Sun Disappeared" is about Lorenz who, on a summer day, sees the sky darkening and it getting colder and colder. He finds that at the same time all the people have disappeared. When it starts snowing in the following days, Lorenz begins to prepare himself to live with the situation for a longer period of time and stocks up on food, heating material and other supplies. Then, after holed up in his apartment living his life in solitude, he begins to ponder his life and the past.The 288-page book has just been published by Heyne-Verlag and is available in bookstores for 8.95 euros.
How did you come up with the novel idea?
Your main character, Lorenz, works in the dark for a year. You yourself work at night. Is there a connection?
Marie, Lorenz's longtime companion, is always on Lorenz's mind during the course of the novel – what role does she play??
Guilt is a highly moral topic – a topic that you always carry around with you? Even without this darkness?
Where can man find forgiveness?
I think Lorenz is very brave with the baggage of guilt on his shoulders. Is he an extraordinary person?
Discipline is an important quality?
Does Lorenz also have a spiritual side??
On the way to Marie's grave, the unexpected happens – he finds a person. Finn, who actually also wanted to die. Both go back to Lorenz's attic apartment, live together and develop a deep friendship. Such a friendship – is that a utopia?? Do you have to get into such an extreme situation to tell each other so much among men??
What did you realize about writing the book??
Dealing with guilt plays a central role in her novel. Would you like to animate the reader to bravely ask himself this question of guilt and how to deal with it?
Jurgen Domian: Yes, absolutely. I believe that many people do the same. But also despair of it. Because they don't really know what stance to take. But it's very central, yes.

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