Terroristic media strategy

With the Errreng not only the government, but also the Turkische Volkes tries the terrorist group "Tawhid Whale Jihad" At a new strategy of mass leg flatng

In Iraq, the terrorist group has "Tawhid Whale Jihad", Al-Qaeda is close and wanted to be guided by Sarkawi, a new dimension of Erpreng introduced. On Saturday evening, the Al-Josira sent a video of the terror group in which she announced to tip three Turkish hostages when Turkish companies do not hire their work in Iraq within three days and do not take rough demonstrations against US Prassident Bush in Turkey. who relocate to the NATO summit from today to Tuesday.

Terroristic media strategy

The Terrorgruppe now seems to be bleeded in addition to bombing and occasionally also open strab beams, especially on Errrarg by remuneration of hostages, which are knocked up when the receivables are not met. The already carried out in the style of an execution of the American Nicholas Berg (the media and the cruel pictures) and the Sudkoreaner Kim Sun-Il have shown the success of the strategy in the sense of the terrorists (the Sudkorean government blocks access to websites with the Environmental video of KIM SUN-IL). The clothing of the hostages increased the effect, as it already visually referred to the torture scandal in Abu Ghraib and the execution is staged in response.

The media strategy developed by the terrorists is important, which is, of course, in such regions, as currently the Iraq, which is in the center of global attention, can also quickly create a global openness. First, videos are sent to the media on which the muted debuts and the endowed exposures can be seen in order to make the threat of belonging to the threat. If the video is currently being partially or completely broadcast by a broadcaster along with the requirement, these are the other media and spread the information provided by the terrorists, so to speak. If this efficient mechanical dissemination is not possible through a kind of infection of a medium, the video can also be put into the Internet, where it is also analogous to a viral epidemic gradually spread to finding the way into the mass media.

Update: On Sunday, two more terrorist groups have sent videos with shots of hostages that have been captured by them. A marine inferredist, according to the threat, should be beheaded if the demand for freezing of prisoners is not met. While this video was shown by the transmitter Al-Jasira, the competing channel Al-Arabija has published a video of another terror group that threatens to a driver of a Pakistani hostage, a driver of the US company Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR), if Not the Pakistani Embassy in Iraq is closed.

The hostage taking with threat of the beheading seems to be more and more imitators with the media strategy ritual. Cynically, a wave of such terrorists was allowed, but even if they did not lead to the successful Errreng, go to the course of all the strategies of attention when they are copied numerous of imitators. With the repetition, the attention decreases, the media report only on the edge, it becomes a cruel reality of everyday life as already much, which is going on in Iraq.

With the spread of the first video, the bean is created for the next step. The terrorists demand from the most pressed actions, which must be readily involved in the media-friendly way to maintain the time interval between receivable and (not) exploitation and thus the media attention. If the Erpreng success, love himself through another video a victory and probably more threats. In case of non-validity, a video is made with a kind of verdict and the assassination of the victim.

at "Tawhid Whale Jihad" If one decided on the type of death of the beheading, because it is probably a conventional Sharia penalty on the one hand and has the character of an execution, but certainly because death is because death in this bloody way and with the showing of the separated head is a safe media event, which the spectators are encouraging and abolished, but also banned, especially if they could be potentially affected by themselves. Even if the mass media does not completely send the video with the beheading or uniform the corresponding images, then the Internet is now a medium to help you "information" Viral without coarse effort and largely exposed to be spread. The terrorist group and their act achieve the desired prominence required to teach the message, because finally the media at least report the executed head and usually also circulate the images on the Internet.

But these elements of the terrorist media strategy have now added another dimension. "Traditionally" is the requirement that the Turkish government should deduct all Turkish companies within three days from Iraq. But the second requirement brings a new element into the game. There was also in 2002 in the mass hostel in a theater in Moscow through Chechen terrorists the demand that the relief of the 800 hostages in the city against Russian Chechen policy and for the demands of terrorists should demonstrate. This is also happening, the terrorists were able to observe success in the theater about television. In addition to the actual act, the spectacular mass hostel, they were still indirectly controlled by the inclusion of other actors media and publicity and from the distance (the media coup in the theater).

The Iraqi terrorists now not only compress a government in another country, they exercise them not only on religious or friends of their victims, but they want to take the burgers of a state into their services and mobilize them if they demand that the Turkish people to go to the strain against Bush – in "Groben demonstrations". If the demands are not invited, so threatens the hostages "The just punishment of the beheading". The hostages thus also serve the Errreng of a whole people. The conclusion was checked at the screens.

The criticism of the war against Iraq was roughly rough in Turkey, but the Errreng of a people to mobilize rough crowds is perhaps a media strategically interesting goal, but at the same time also shows the limits of the Morderischer game at the same time. The Erpreng the government and the companies alone probably had the effect on how to see again in Sudkorea, that the criticism of the government and the US rises because the threat can serve as a confirmation of upliant warnings or to say people that hospitals of their people should not be sacrificed foreign interests. But set the case that the government of Erpreng will give up, but none "gross" Demonstrations take place and the terrorists then punish the Turkish people by murdering the hostages?

It lights up that this was not worked, at least not in the sense of the terrorists. They can, symptomatic for asymmetric conflict, only act out of the weaker position, because only the funds they used at least for sympathizers although not appropriate, so somehow remain acceptable. However, from the position of the weak one acts only if one attacks the seemingly powerful. Although the anarchists of the 19. Century set a fanal with their striking, which people call up to the uprising, but directly to blackmail a people abroad, which the politics of the opponents of the terrorists rejectingly refuses, let the terrorists become stronger, as they live on the life and death of hostages pour and force people to a decision.

In addition, people who actually go to the strain to protest against the policy of Bush, easy to accuse that they were now served as a helper or tools of the terrorists. While the media, which spread the information produced by the terrorists, also as a means of terrorists, but they have the advantage that they allegedly only report and so worst only indirect tools are. Of course, the terrorists will adhere to the (predictable) reaction of the government, but probably they have diligently damaged themselves with their new media strategy step as well as used. Even in Iraq, even people who are the resistance to the occupying power and the government of their owned government are more and more about calling for the validation of the terrorists. Nevertheless, tens of thousands protested against the visit of US Prassident Bush in Istanbul on Sunday.

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