Ten years of destruction and death

Ten years of destruction and death

Children know nothing but war © Anas Alkharboutli

According to the aid agency World Vision, more than 600 people have died in ten years of conflict in Syria.000 people have lost their lives and 13 million people have been displaced. The sufferers: especially children and young people.

According to the aid organization World Vision, more than 600 people have been killed in Syria in ten years of conflict.000 people lost their lives. 13 million people have been displaced, more than half the population before the war, the aid organization announced Thursday in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt am Main. The economic consequences of the war were estimated to be more than $1.2 trillion (1 trillion euros). Another $1.7 trillion in follow-up costs would be added by 2035 – under the most favorable condition that the war would end today.

Growing up in the war

Children and young people in particular are named as those who will suffer. Crucial damage is being done to the growing generation through lost education and health, including a 13-year reduction in life expectancy, says the report, "A price too high: the cost of conflict to Syria's children," presented by the aid agency.

Christoph Waffenschmidt, chief executive officer of World Vision Germany, spoke of staggering and intergenerational costs, saying, "Without significant, sustainable aid, children will not be able to effectively support the reconstruction of the country once the war ends."

Attacks on schools

Syria has reportedly seen the most attacks on schools and health facilities among all conflict zones. According to estimates, 82 percent of the children recruited by armed groups had to go on direct combat missions. 25 percent of the children were under 15 years old. Since the beginning of the conflict in 2011, about 55.000 children killed, some by execution or torture. Many girls are afraid of sexual violence, and child marriages have increased massively, World Vision said.

Sad anniversary

The Syrian war began in mid-March 2011 with a popular uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Security forces used force to crack down on protesters. Rebels and terrorist groups subsequently captured large parts of the country. With the help of Russia and Iran, Assad regained most of the territories. The USA, Turkey and other countries also intervened in the fighting.

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