“Tagespost” starts with special supplements

Edition of the Wurzburg "Tagespost © Bert Bostelmann (KNA)

For two years, the supplement "World Church" will accompany the synodal journey. The first ie will be published this Thursday. Produced by the "Tagespost" and to comprise 16 pages.

At the start of the reform dialogue in the Catholic Church in Germany, the Catholic weekly newspaper "Die Tagespost" publishes a special publication. During the Synodal Way, a supplement entitled "World Church" is to appear every two months for the next two years, the paper announced yesterday (Wednesday) in Wurzburg. "We want to take a critical look at discussions and results," explained Editor-in-Chief Oliver Maksan. "Not the opinion of the newspapers, but the faith that has been handed down is the yardstick here."

"World Church"

According to the announcement, a theological advisory board will provide expert guidance for the project. This included the philosopher Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, the dogmatists Karl-Heinz Menke and Christoph Binninger and the canon lawyer Christoph Ohly.

The first ie of "World Church" appears today, Thursday, and reportedly has 16 pages. At the center is the fundamental question: How does the church actually know what God wants?? Is there a revealed truth that the Church has received and that is interpreted authoritatively by the Magisterium? Or can everything be renegotiated depending on time and the reality of life? "Welt Kirche" is included in the total circulation of the "Tagespost" (currently 11.400 copies) and can also be ordered free of charge from the publishing house Johann Wilhelm Naumann in Wurzburg.

Focal points: Sexual morality, priestly way of life, role of women

The German bishops and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) want to regain lost trust with the Synodal Way after the abuse scandal. The main topics of the project, which will initially run for two years, are sexual morality, the priestly way of life, power and the separation of powers, and the role of women in the Church. It begins next Sunday with services in numerous Episcopal churches, the debates start at the end of January in Frankfurt.

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