Swedish minority government declined new elections

After two months of the government, the right Swedendemocrats provide the end of the red-green coalition

"The government will spoil a new choice", So the Swedish Premier Stefan Lofven and Party Fee of Social Democrats on Wednesday afternoon. The new elections will be on 22. Marz 2015 take place.

For a long time, a long-awaited coordination was the budget for the year 2015. The right Sweden democrats voted, deviating from previous practice, for the proposal of the Burgerial Alliance. Thus, the opposition was able to harmonize the minority coalition from social democrats and the green and the coalition-free left.

Normally, in the Swedish Reichstag, every party or bundis is right for its budget draft. Since with the migration-tinny Sweden democrats, which in the last Reichstag options over 12 percent, no one likes nobody, they had traditionally had to vote for their own draft or contain themselves. "This is not like earlier (meaning is the Swedish consensus policy), so that the Wahler may have to relate", Lofven explained at the press conference.

The government coalition of Social Democrats and Grununen, which is in office just two months, might be 25 billion Swedish crowns (about 2.7 billion euros) especially for equality, oko and climate policy, school and the effort of the "Swedish model" (Social and health care) spend. In addition, tax cuts at pensioners.

The danger of being understood in the decision on the budget has been discussed in Sweden for weeks. The Alliance of Burgerig, consisting of four parties, make it clear in advance, not to get involved in a compromise with the Social Democrats.

So the burgerous wanted in the "Pension group", a kind of committee, not working with the green, which a new payment system should work out for retirees. As the grunges work for a reduction in working hours, the conservative politicians did not see any base for the financing of pensions at the end of November. At the press conference, Lofven made the Alliance biased, they had broken their promise in the run-up to the choice that the Sweden democrats did not give such a role as they could play now.

Stefan Lofeven won the elections with the promise to make Sweden more social. In migration ies is the "S", How to named Sweden, but not as open as the Swedish grunnes on which you need to take back.

The Sweden democrats claimed not to be afraid of new elections. However, they could have held themselves with their voting behavior themselves. Because you also summon the "Volksheim", A construct of social democrats (in search of the Volksheim), where it goes to consensus and compensation – only the Swedendemocrats want a community with significantly fewer migrants.

However, the Swedendemocrats do not love a letter from a letter from several pensioner organizations, Lofeven’s budget, which meets the old people with a tax cut, do not block. For the ages, the Sweden democratic counters are now disenchanted. In the rather consensus-determined policy of Sweden, the last early elections took place in 1958.

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