Shock and grief

With shock and sadness the diocese of Hildesheim has learned of the death of a sexton in Braunlage. According to media reports, the mother of ten children was found dead in the basement of the Holy Family Church over the weekend. Prosecutor's investigation points to marriage drama.

Husband of the dead is suspected of the crime. Police arrested the man, who was living separately from his wife, according to various media reports, on Sunday evening. He is to be brought before the magistrate before the end of Monday, a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor's office said.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the dead in these days," said Hildesheim Bishop Norbert Trelle and promised the investigating authorities every support of the diocese, should it be necessary. In addition, the parish will be helped to come to terms with the terrible events.

Father Stanislaw Poreba, pastor of the parish of St. Benno in Lauterberg, which includes the Holy Family Church in Braunlage, expressed deep sorrow at the loss of his sexton wife. The killed was chairman of the parish council and was involved, among other things, as a lector, communion helper and catechist.

Prayers in church services
According to Poreba, the Holy Family Church in Braunlage is currently closed by the police because of the investigation. Yesterday, the priest held a prayer service for the dead woman on the steps in front of the church with the parish community. Prayers will also be said for the slain sexton at this week's services. According to Poreba, it is not yet clear when the woman who was killed can be buried because of the police investigation.

The Catholic parish of St. Benno in Bad Lauterberg has around 2.800 faithful. In addition to the churches in Bad Lauterberg, Bad Sachsa and Braunlage, it also includes the churches of Heilig Kreuz in Walkenried and St. Andreas in St. Andreasberg.

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